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 Why doesn't my doctor ever prescribe antibiotics?
yestersay i went to the medical centre.
both my son and i have had a cold for the last week.i have had a sore throat,ears and headaches,basically i feel like crap.
last time this happened ...

 What Mental Disorder would this classify as?
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 How do blind people know when they are done wiping?
Everyones thinkin it im just sayin ...

 Oxycontin - side effects???
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 How do i identify an pill i found in my sons pocket?
he said that his friend gave it to him,it is rectangular and has 4 parts on it, and is white....

 Help please my cousin is in hospital and they cant diagnose the problem.?
Shes 14 been having stomach cramps for months since she was on holiday in barbados.But now shes experiencing lost of appetite losing strength almost flue type symtoms.When she was in Barbados they ...

 Am I dying?
i get bloody noses like EVERYDAY and my throat is sore sore sore. its been going on for a while!! whats happening??
Additional Details
by the way its been going on for weeks. and i ...

 How do you know if you have a brain tumor?

 When you smell smoke and breath it in does it do damage ?
someone please help me, cuz i am around smoke alot and don't no if i should be. PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!...

 Our secretary at work just took a bad pain in her head and started shaking?
screaming with pain and saying she thought she thought she was going to faint.

She is well known for being a drama queen, especially when attention is focused on someone else, which it is ...

 Does sleeping next to your cell phone cause any damage to your brains or health?

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with the radio active waves and all, im no science person.. sounds scary to me!...

 What would you do if you only had 9 months to live?
Serious answers only...
Here's mine:
Tell everyone goodbye
Listen to my favorite songs
Talk to my friends
Pray often
Own a horse
{This was inspired by a real ...

 Bug or food poisoning? Any suggestions with what to do?
I have been sick all last night and only just stopped wretching 2 hours ago. It started with stomach cramps and I've also had mild diarrohea.
Feel and look like a corpse....

 Shortness of breath, heart palpitations and other symptoms??
Whenever I am relaxing or trying to fall asleep, I start to get heart palpitations and it really freaks me out! Sometimes I get this with shortness of breath, and I get very alert and worried because ...

I am at my wits end! I went in for a thyroid test. It came back normal, but I have a nodule on my thyroid. I haven't felt good for over a year. I went on the internet to this "symptoms&...

 If today is Saturday and someone smoked some meth and they have to take a drug test on Monday afternoon, is it
possible to pass the test and how would they do it? Please tell me how.
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I just want to know if there's any way to get it out of the system. We already know this ...

 I'm scared about my piercing?
I just got my cartilage pierced recently and it got swollen when I washed my hair and there was pus. Should I be worried. I'm scared cause I know someone whose lobe got infected from a piercing ...

 Why are so many Americans suffering from digestive disorders?
Is it the food?
Is it poor health education?
Is it genes?
Is it the climate in North America?
Is it the way food is being processed and manufactured in America?...

 I had a dark green, almost black stool today.....??????
I am a hypochondriac and I suffer from a terrible phobia of HIV.

I am a virgin saving myself for marriage, never used IV drugs, and parents are completely healthy.

Yesterday, I ...

What happens to your body when you don't eat?
I know this is the disease anorexia, but what actually takes place in your body when you don't consume food, and go a few days without eating at all and just consuming beverages?

excuse me let me refraise my answer as someone already emailed me, whom I thought was quite rude. I have had this disease before and your body needs vitamins and nutrients, without them your functions in your body begin to shut down and or may cause health problems. Not eating for a few days will not kill you but you will start to feel ill.

Well it depends on the caloric count of the beverages. If there protine nutrient shakes you can go longer. Esentialy your body eats the sugar in your body for food, then your bodys going to panic, seeing that you havent eaten and start storing everything you consume. Your going to be hungry, tired, sleep alot. You'll see some perliminary weight loss before you start noticing your skin looking awful, your eyes wont be alert, and your teeth will start looking like ****. You'll have to reduce your caloric count to nothing to get the same results as your body adujusts. Then once you get to the point where your body cant do more with less, then it'll start eating itself, literally your body will start consuming its own musles and organs.

My roommate used to be anoreix its the most discusting thing ever. Eat healthy, Exersize, dont bother being skiny, it wont make you happy.

My best friend died from anorexia several years ago,
You can see how much she changed in a few short years. in essence your body will consume itself until your brain function shuts down.

you become malnourished. also since your stomach is not getting to perform its normal function u can get consipated.

First your body will disolve your fat, which is your stored energy. After the fat is burned your body will start consuming your muscle tissue and converting it into energy. Essentially you waste away.

First your body feeds on its stored fats. Then after the fats are gone, it begins to feed on its own muscle.The heart is a muscle, so it is often damaged in starvation.

Body needs energy.It is derived from food.In anorexia body tissues themselves are used for energy.This causes loss of weight,melting of fat ,melting of muscles leading to accumulation of these metabolites.


Your body notices that you arent feeding it, so it begins to eat itself. It starts off with the fat, then the muscles, until eventually there is nothing left and you die.

I'm sure dear if you don't eat for a long time your gone a die

Your bodies nutrition levels become depleted and your body resorts taking energy from your stored fatty cells which are in the side walls of your stomach. Some say you can go a month or a little more without eating,( like Jesus did it for fourty days.) but you will be entering a very dangerous area, because your body will become dehydrated and you will experience dizziness and fatigue and you could even pass out, or die.

Your body stores any of your body fat as a safety gaurd and begins to break down muscles for nutrients

you burn fat, after that your muscle converts into fat and gets burned, a couple days after that you'd probably die of starvation.

first you start getting dizzie,then you feel weak and finally you pass out...but this depends upon the person...you can go without food for a very long time

your body starts to eat stored nutrients or fat

it starts to feed on itself and eats itself slowly to evade the hunger.

If you "go a few days without eating at all" nothing much will happen. Your body will convert some of its fat reserves to glucose as an energy source for your cells. You'll be fine as long as you continue fluids. You can live for about 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without an adequate source of water.

From the other answers I've seen here, it would appear that no one really read your question. You said a few DAYS, not a few WEEKS.

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