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Sam- good medicine laughter. ;)

Donna- *chuckling* :)...

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What happens if you leave appendicitis alone?
I have symptoms of appendicitis, but I don't want to go to the hospital. What should I do? and what could happen?

Rush to doctor, because i leads to sever stomach ace. You could not treat appendicitis yourself.

Eileen J
It could be just cysts on your ovaries, like my doctor told me..Told me to take some Advil...The pain got so bad I had to be taken to the hospital and have an Immediate appendectomy....I couldn't even hardly stand to get to the car. GO get it checked..I heard if it ruptures you can die....GOOD LUCK! needless to say I don't have that guy for a Dr. anymore! but I didn't go see him it was a phone call ..but still....It could be serious or just something not so serious...

Q and A 2
It will rupture and get infected and you will die of sepsis.


RaWR lolipops =D
well by not going to the hospital and removing your appendix when you have appendicitis can prove fatal. after a day or so your appendix ruptures which can potentially kill you (not the actually rupturing but the after math of the rupturing which I'm not 100% sure about). But i had the symptoms of appendicitis before and i was rushed to the hospital to tell me that i just had cramps.. but don't risk anything go to the hospital =]

If it bursts, then that creates a direct path for all the bacteria in your intestines into rest of your body. Youll get a terrible infection and die. Go to the hospital. Even if you dont have insurance, do it. My brother didnt have insurance, and they took care of him.

It could become a 'burst appendix', then you could continue to avoid the hospital, unless the morgue's downstairs.
(And it usually IS.)
So just that one visit, then, I guess.
Septic peritonitis prolly hurts a whole lot, though.
So kindly reconsider, huh?

Helen Scott
Your appendix beings to swell, and then it bursts. The appendix is used to filter out toxins from the body, so when it bursts, the toxins contained within leak into your system. They get into your blood stream, and they KILL you. Even if they don't, the recovery time from a burst appendix is a lot longer (months) and a lot more painful than an appendectomy alone (weeks).

You need to get to the hospital. This is an Emergency room situation. No, seriously. Stop staring at Answers and GO!

Please go to the hospital - it can burst, you will be in hospital then whether or not you like it

death can and most likely will occur if you ignore appendicitis.

if you press against the area and it hurts more and it has been hurting for several hours, i would go to the dr. it was a moderate dull pain for me.

they checked my white blood cell count and that plus the area of pain was how they knew

i started having pain around 2 AM. I went to hospital at 5 AM. The surgeon told me he had to get my appendix out within 6 hours. it was out by 2 PM that day.

you will die for sure if it ruptures itself inside your abdomen. You said you have symptoms, which side of your abdomen you have pain?

Get to a doctor because if it perforates then you risk infections and people have been known to die from that.

Get it checked out, I had symptoms for a whole day and called the doctor in the eve, he called an ambulance and i was in hospital having it removed that night. The dont waste any time. Mine didnt perforate luckily.

John M
Your appendix could burst and you could die. Go to the hospital to avoid death.

You'll experince torturing pain (not to scare you, but its the truth) then eventually your appendix will burst and all that goopy acid and bacteria will run through your body, and if left untreated you'll die.

I don't mean to freak you out but thats what happens.

Jesus is the best.
r u crazy you could die from this

It may go away but is more likely to burst and cause potentially fatal infection. Don't even think about not going to the hospital.

Diane M
Well you really can't leave that alone, it could burst and you could die from that. Go to the doctor and check it out, maybe its something else.

the rooster
go to the hospital

You could die if it ruptures. I would get it checked out ASAP.

Ella D
GET IT CHECKED!!!! if they burst you can die!!!

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