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Jen T
What happens if you drink moldy water?
I just made myself a cup of coffe. I use a coffe maker with the international mix. I did'nt know that there was an inch thick of moldy water and some of it was in my coffee. Is this bad? I'm really nauseas from it now. Gross Eww!!!!!! Am I going to get sick now?

you would go green when the mould is coming out of your skin and be sick as well - if you really want to drink mouldy water in the first place that is and if you did that should put you off.

Computer Guy
You might get sick, you might not. Not all mold is harmful, although I don't know what kind grows in coffee.

shiela b
it will cause headache

fairly smart
well, if it is boiled you may be alright...if not, go to drug store & find Ipicac (spelling may not be right ask pharmasist)
It will make you throw up.
If you don't actually feel sick, don't worry about it. You have the creepy crawlies now, but get over it so you can tell how you really feel. Go from there. You won't die from it anyway...

soon2b mommy of 4
I would call your doctor just to be safe.

Allison M
Ewww , well I would suggest you call your poison control and see what they have to say.

yes ur gonna be sick, go to the e.r. right nwo or call 911

an INCH of mold??? Did you get your coffee maker at a Katrina cleanup sale?

It will come out as mouldy water at your rear end

Besides being grossed out, you'll have a bad taste in your mouth.
The coffee making process should have rendered the mold harmless to you, however.

Your nauseousness is probably psychological at this point. Just drink lots of clean water to flush it out.

Hahahahaha. That will maybe teach you not to be dirty and lazy - always, at least, rinse the pot first

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