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What happens if a UTI infection goes untreated?

you get sick.

Aileen S
an untreated uti, can lead to bladder infection, kidney infection, kidney failure and death. much easier to treat the uti.


The person starts to act goofy. This is usually how you can tell if an elderly individual has a UTI. Beyond that, you'd be looking at the infection moving up into the kidneys. Ultimately, if it go there and went untreated you'd have kidney failure.

You would get a kidney infection which would lead to a systemic infection which means you would have infected blood and you would be really really sick probably to the point where you would need life support and then you may die.

it will cause a kidney infection. Seriously though, a UTI hurts so bad I don't know why anyone would let it persist.

depends on how bad it is. most likely it would spread to your kidneys. believe me, you DO NOT want that to happen. unbearable pain.. i was in the hospital for a UTI that spread to my kidneys :(

u die

Often Sterility
You infect anyone you sleep with (if u don't use a condom)
Possibly death

then you get a bladder infection and then a kidney infection, and that could lead to kidney failure-which then you will die.

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