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What does stool in the urine mean?

kim s
It means ur in trouble, get medical help asap, and not from yahoo.....Emergancy room

Gorilla Mike
it means that you have doo doo in your pee pee

that means that some sort of communication between digestive and urinary tract has happened...i'll quote words from above:"GO VISIT DOCTOR NOW!"...i am one myself,so no jokes here

Fleur de Lis
That is definately not good.

One L MicheLe
I never heard of such a thing.

it would mean any of the above OR perhaps you didn't wipe up very well after your last bowel movement!

Probably a punctured intestine, you need serious help fast.

Mrs. P
it means see a doctor ASAP

Richard K
I would say that it is IMPOSSIBLE

It means u got one hell of a problem!! Why, because its not possable to get stool (poop) in the urine (pee) unless it is in the toilet. But stool coming out in the urine, not likly.

Kaint happen kaus U wood be dead from sepsis by now. Maybe U mean "bile". That means you kidneys aint working.

means you should go to a doctor

Someone is really sick. Need to see a doctor.

That's impossible. Nice try though.

It's not possible for stool to come out in the urine, so the only other alternative is that you are not cleaning your private parts. Go take a shower and wash yourself down there with a washcloth and lots of soap!!!

Probably that u have a fistula (tunnel between 2 areas)between the intestines and the bladder. See a dr.

Jackie M
Probably that u have a fistula. I have taken care of patients with this problem but it has been many years. Still best thing to do is to talk to a Dr. because it can be fixed sometimes.

It means I'm about to go throw up. Thanks.

it is not stool...it may be blood...red or dark brown in color. there are many causes...you have to see a doctor.

Ozzie B.
Feces in the urine.

Stool in urine means that you need to see a doctor not now but right now.

It means its not possible.

Sophia J
Stool is the medical term for feces or '****', hopefully the stool in the urine was due to contamination, the lab. will give you advice on getting a clean sample of urine; if this persist then you better go and see a doctor as stool has no place in urine.

ana g
that's scary... is that possible? maybe you have a tear in both the colon and urinary tract. don't know... or maybe you're just wiping yourself wrong.

it means you are wiping from "BACK TO FRONT" and you should switch. . .other than that. . .I have no idea and your doctor should be telling you what that is about pretty quick!

The wiping bit can contaminate the urine sample and make it appear you have feces in your urine. It can happen and has probably happened to many women. Do not think everyone knows the proper way to wipe as it is easy to realize there are no formal classes on this subject. Some people just assume the way they do things are okay. Good luck

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