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Kiss The Cook
What does it mean when your urine is clear as water?
When I urinate, its really clear, why?
Additional Details
I have been drinking water normally, so I can't see why it would be because me drinking alot of it. I drank like 4 cups today. I didn't eat much though...

means your good and drinking enought WATER not fluids not any fluied liek the others said only WATER

It means that you body is properly hydrated and your kidneys are working correctly. Its a good thing.

brown eyed girl
Mine is like that when I drink lots of water and liquids. It probably means you are hydrated.

It means you drink enough fluids that your kidneys are staying clean. This is good and water is very important when your urine is yellow.

It would seem to mean that you are well hydrated. The more toxins build up in your system, the more discolored your urine will become. Also, extreme dehydration will tend to make urine turn brown. Also, headaches can be a sign that you need more fluids, if you experience discoloration of your urine.

Have you been drinking a lot? Water or otherwise?

*air bender*
see, when you drink alot of water or really good liquids, its clenses all the germs from the body, so the next time u urinate, after u drink water after 3 mins or so, its clear, which means ur body is hydrated

Reminds me of an old drinking buddy of mine who often said "Drink beer til your pee is clear!"

It means that you are well hydrated and your kidneys are functioning well

It means you're drinking enough fluids so you're hydrated

I'm a nurse. You drink plenty of fluids. Be careful you don't over drink fluids. Anything in excess isn't good for you, including water.

It means you are well hydrated and drinking enough fluids.

You must be drinking a lot of water. The more water you drink, the more dilute your urine is. All the toxins, such as urea, are diluted so the yellow color is not there. When you don't drink enough water, your urine is more concentrated; hence it is yellow.

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