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 Does mono reduce you physical strength? meaning does it affect your ability to do pushups and situps and such.

 Should I take my son to the doctor or wait?
My son (who is 8 years old)has had a runny nose for about 2 days. This morning he said his throat was a little sore. The school has had a lot of sick kids lately so I figure he has caught something. ...

What does it mean when your nails appear purple?

It could be because you're cold, and if it's a common occurence for you you may have a condition called Raynaud's Phenomenon. It's more common in women and an additional symptom is the tips of your fingers being white. The purple color is due to lack of circulation, look up the condition and maybe that would help.

ummm you smushed it somehow, and that is what it does...then it falls off

hmm wonder how that happened... if its purple its brobably been smushed or something so it either gets better or you have to take it off. but no worries, it will grow back :]

either a bruise or lack of oxygen in your blood.
eat more, and drink more water.

you're dying

ur cold?

could possibly be that you are not getting enough oxygen, but thats worse case. If that's happening now your in big trouble.

Reynose syndrome.

ewwww.a bruise?

Poor circulation from heart or lung disease. Lack of oxygen in the blood stream can result in blue nail beds. If they are white, liver disease could be the reason. Pale nail beds can indicate anemia. Diabetes may show itself as yellowish nail beds that are pink at the base. If the nail is half pink and half white, consider kidney disease as a possibility. If your nails yellow, seem to stop growing, and thicken, lung disease may be the reason.

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