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What does it mean when a doctor tells you, you have a blood abnormality condition?

Dr. Arun
It is a very vague term & it should not be used by a Doc. It is used only in USA.

Depends on what it is...are you a carrier ??? Do you actually have a condition you have to take care of ??? Sometimes people carry genes that cause blood abnormalities, but they themselves don't have it. Then you have those that have the disease themselves. ( hemophelia, anemia..etc)
If you're a carrier, you could pass it on to children (will they get it ? depends...if you happen to marry someone else whos a carrier, usually 100% sure the kids will get it...only you 50%...the only way to know is to have your genes tested.)

it means that there is something different about your blood that makes it function abnomally. this could be very minor or very serious depending on what the abnormality is

I think it means you don't have enough blood or your anemic.

blood abnormality condition is very general. it means, your blood and its components are having deviations from normal. it may be an increase in some of its components like WBC, in which case you have an ongoing infection elsewhere in your body. if the hemoglobin is low, you have anemia. but then, if the shape, size and appearance of the blood components are abnormal, you may be having early signs of impending cancer development. ask your doctor specifically what particular abnormality he is talking about. then if you still need help, post the question again and i will gladly enlighten you on some blurred topics.

It means that your body is reacting differently than most to different stimuli. You could be anemic, have sickle cell anemia, etc. It is in poor taste for a doctor to tell you that. He should at least know what it is.

Ask the doctor to explain what type it is you have and what you should do about it. Maybe you have a strange infection they can not identify. An infectious disease doctor may be of help.

depend on what type of blood abnormality it is? to many platelets in your blood could mean leukemia, to low of red blood cells? infections all depends on what type of abnormality it is

It means either you have to ask your doctor to explain everything to you in lay terms or you need to find another doctor...

i would hope a doctor would'nt just say you have a blood abnormality condition...they would tell you what condition you have...it could be anything...they should do a full blood work up..could be anemia/low red blood cells, .....

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