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What does it mean if your fingernails turn blue in color?

it could be that you are not getting enough circulation to your fingers and need to see a doctor. Especially if your arm keeps falling asleep.


are all your nails blue?
because if its just one...
one of my nails turned blue/purple once but it was just because i accidentally smashed my finger in a window.. so if you have smashed your finger recently, dont worry about it. if not, i dont know what it is

their circulation is not good. that's what you call capillary refill. press on the fingernail and if the color does not return for 3 secs, then circulation is probably not good.

they have FUNGUS

Well, have yours???Thats an odd question. If you have had it really bruised badly, that might be a cause. There might be fungus under there, I don't know. I just remember one time, before my toenail fell off, it turned blue/green. Oh yea, and try washing it off, there may be some ink on it.

Fred Whitetail
They're really cold, possibly frostbitten

That shows a pulmonary obstructive disorder such as asthma or emphysema, i would see your Dr. about it if your worried.

what u gonna do?

Perhaps bad circulation.

If you get your nails done (fake nails) then it may be a fungus... but if your nails are natural then you may be experiencing some sort of skin asthma. You may need to see a doctor. SOON.

if you slammed them in something they'll turn blue and possibly fall off. Maybe it's fungus or your cold. If ur a girl and you had/have nail polish on for a long time they can turn a weird color.If you're concerned, call a doctor and ask or make an appointment. Especially if it's been like that a few days or it doesn't fo away very soon.

this is called cyanosis, poor capillary refill due to poor circulation which carries the oxygen, therefore making the fingertips blue. this can happen to any area of the body usually the furthest from the heart the more likely to turn blue.

*Stacy Baby*
It could be a lot of different things, nobody here unless they are a doctor can answer that for you so I think that if your fingernails are blue then you should strongly consider going to the doctor, it could very well be something horribly wrong.

cold probably

you chose the wrong varnish

i think its heart disease or poor circulation.Doctors tend to look at them when they examine people

You mite not be getting enough
oxygen or you mite have poor circulation.
are your fingers always cold?

not enough oxygen, do you have asthma, or just poor circulation.

Nancy Kay
lack of circulation

i luv wearing blue nailpolish!!!!

candy girl
sometimes they can turn blue wen ur really really cold!

There might be several causes, it should be discussed
with a Doctor.

WOAH!!! That's not normal. That's about all I can say, but I suggest you go to a doctor so you can get some professional advise

That they have become numb.It happens only in extremely cold weather.I have had my fingernails turn blue once when I was in Pennsylvania.That was one thing and the other one is that you might have hurt them badly.If something heavy fell on them they might become a slight blue in color.

You're dead.

Poor Oxygen level and maybe poor circulation in your arms/hands. If this is happening to you please go to the Emergency Room or see your Dr as soon as you can. Do you have shortness of breath? Feel Light headed, hands feel cold?
Other symptoms maybe?

Dr's will tell you, when your being prepped that your nails must be clean and free of any kind of polish, etc. They ask this because during surgery one of the best way's to keep an eye on a person's O2 level is by checking their nails. If they press down upon your nail and release it should pink back up if it doesn't that means there's either a circulation problem or an O2 problem. Next indicator of Low O2 is if your lips turn blue as well.

Hope this helps.

rxqueen♥ †
Bad circulation.

Al Koholic
It means you died.

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