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What does it mean if there is faeces in your vomit?
I'm worried about some traces of bowel movements in my vomit. Also there is a horrible smell and everything is brown.

Part Time Cynic
no idea. But coca cola and chips with mayonaise make your puke look like poo too.

It means your talking shite

waste only becomes faeces once it has been through your intestines. It is impossible for you to vomit anything more than the contents of your stomach. you can not vomit faeces.

the brown and stench in your sick is where the stomach acids have been breaking down your food.

Little Big Boy
Don't forget to brush your teeth dude.
Don't know what that is but i'm going to keep an eye on these answers

David W
It means you are talking out of your a rse

mr aids
dont swallow , afterwards spit it out

I'm no pro here....but I am almost positive you can not vomit feces unless you have been constipated for several days (maybe a week) in which case everything gets backed up. If you have been having regular bowel movements, than you're more than likely "making a mountain out of a mole hill."
Then again, if you truley believe that you threw up feces, you need to contact your doctor or head to the emergency room. BUT - I have a strange feeling that if you really and truley believed that you have vomited feces - you would not be consulting Yahoo Answers about this....
Just my gut feeling...

There is a term called "coffee ground emesis". This means that your vomit looks like coffee grounds or to some, it may look like feces. This is a sign of some kind of internal bleeding probably caused by an ulcer in your stomach. You should ALWAYS see a doctor when you have this. It is not something that will go away on it's own. You need medical attention.

It could also just be what you ate as to why it looks like feces. Unless, you have some serious inside structural damage, it is unlikely that it is in fact "feces" in your vomit. However, you should just go to the doctor to make sure. You could bring a sample of the vomit with you so they could examine it to make sure.

brown vomit is a sign of blood
contact your emergency dr or go to a&e now

you are full

Change your diet and stop eating sh*t

SEE your DOCTOR or go to A&E / Emergency room.

jackie m
my dad had that before he died last year as he had a tumour in his bowels and food wasn't going into to bowel - doctor asked if it was like coffee granules? if so get to hospital now.

If you are sure that it is a bowel movement coming with your vomit, then my advice would be to go to the doctor or hospital to get it checked out. Better safe than sorry. Or you could try ringing NHS direct on 08454647 that is, if you are UK. If you tell the nurse/doctor on the phone they can ask you some questions and tell you what to do, they will let you know if you should be going to the doctors or hospital or not.
Ring them, always better to be sure. They also have a website that you can use rather than ringing if you want. Good Luck

it sounds like some how feces have got into your stomach and that is what made you sick
it should be checked by a doctor if you cant get to one call the NHS direct hotline

coffee queen
you need 2 see a doctor!!

it mean go to er asp

I've just had a quick look on the brilliant NHS Direct website.
If I were you go immediately to your local A&E NOW if you havent already.
Let us know the outcome and hope you get well soon.

go to a n e NOW

Ask Gideon
It means it time to go and see the doctor!! Or its natures way of telling you what im thinking.

Either a gastric bleed or an intestinal obstruction.
Go to A and E Dept., or see your Dr. if you can at the weekend.
There is no first aid treatment for this.

If there is feces in your vomit, there is more than likely an ilius formed in your small bowel. You must go to the ER immediately!! This is a life threatening emergency. Your bowel if full of bacteria and if it is slowed or has a blockage, this cause it to back up. This is not the only problem. Your electrolytes will quickly become messed up, leading to serious health problems. Stop what you are doing and go to the ER. Now.

there's a tear or something in your stomach / bowel area, you really need to go to the gp or hospital as this can be potentially dangerous

linda c
this happened to my niece too and it turned out to be appedix..she had to have it out.....

go to the ER immediately.

Barbie V
go to the hospital NOW this cannot be right

That's extremely serious........ you MUST get to hospital NOW. Seriously, NOW!

fecal vomiting. yes, fecal vomiting.

Please go to A&E or your DR Now...

People had always thought that fecal vomiting was just a myth.
It doesn't seem possible that poop could make its way back up through all of the twists and turns and supposedly one-way doors of the intestinal tract and then make a grand exit through one's mouth. But it is possible indeed.

For this to occur, there has to be something VERY WRONG with you. Fecal vomiting is most definitely a MEDICAL EMERGENCY that requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

The human body has natural survival reflexes that cause it to expel harmful poisons from within. This explains why vomiting and diarrhea are associated with food poisoning, bacterial or viral infections, and so on -- your body is trying to get rid of bad things. Even without having poop in it, vomit is not pleasant by any means. Vomiting (technically called "emesis") is when the contents of your stomach are forcefully ejected through the mouth. So how would poop get back into your stomach?

It is in the intestines when food takes on the characteristics of poop -- not in the stomach. In normal digestion, once food has left the stomach and descended into the small intestine as a liquidy substance called "chyme," it is usually well on its way to the large intestine and then out of the body through the rectum. The valves that pass the chyme from each section of the bowels are pretty much one-way access.

But as we all know, sometimes things are not always as they should be.

Pretty much the only thing that can cause things to go in reverse here is an obstruction in the bowel. An obstruction can either cause things to slowly pile up -- leaving a foot in the door, so to speak -- or can trigger a spasm in the muscles of the intestinal walls that forces the contents of the bowels back into the stomach.

Where things really start to get tricky is the underlying cause of the obstruction to begin with. It could be caused by a tumor, a twist or crimp in a section of the intestine, or compacted fecal matter from prolonged constipation that has caused a backup all the way to the opening of the stomach.

Fecal matter is a waste product filled with toxic stuff waiting to exit. It has no business being in the stomach, and the stomach knows it. The victim usually experiences significant abdominal pain and bloating from the obstruction before eventually vomiting.

Again, the most important fact here is that vomiting feces is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY. If you see and smell **** coming out of your mouth, that is your body's way of telling you to get your *** to a hospital NOW. Vomiting the feces out is only buying you a little bit of time. If the obstruction that caused the **** to back up in the first place is not located, cleared, and repaired, really bad things can happen -- things that, if not treated, will most likely result in your death. fecal vomiting is not a myth.

Faeculent vomiting is a cardinal sign of a bowel obstruction in the large intestine. I have seen it happen in a number of patients. You need to seek medical help urgently.

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