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What does it feel like to be put under general anesthesia, plz read on?
I am interested in knowing how it feels right as they are putting you out, is it a scary fadding away or blacking out feeling , help, I am very nervous!


Kristin M
they say count bak frm 10.
you get to nine and are like465465 565 156 15 45 4 8 2 good night mommy.

but fer realy you dont feel it at all justl ike "being high"

You don't feel like you're 'high'. The person who posted above me is wrong.

They put in the IV needle and tell you start counting backwards from 10. You get to about 9 or 8 and you INSTANTLY wake up. It's over and you have no clue what just happened to you. It's not like when you take a 2 or 3 hour nap and time passes. Time doesn't seem to pass when you're under. You're just counting backwards from 10, then you're being woken up by a nurse. It's instantaneous and there's nothing scary about it.

Not scary at all! I just kind of dimly remember seeing that my doctor was wearing a tie (he always wears one, and I remember thinking it was funny he did even in the OR). After that, nothing! I suppose they must've asked me to count backwards, but I don't much remember.

angel r
when I had surgery the anthologist said that I was going to going to take a nap and I say the white anesthesia go through the tube a few seconds after that I felt myself get really tired and I closed my eyes and I was in dreamland. I woke up about and hour and a half later in a different room. I was in a little pain so they gave me a shot of demerol and that works in seconds, and the last thing I remembered was closing my eyes

I have had 5 operations and needed anesthesia. It happens so fast, you don't have time to feel scared. Actually you are relaxed, because they let out a little at a time and then your out and before you know it, you wake up in the care unit. It's not bad at all. Don't be nervous, just relax and I'm sure you're going to be just fine. Good Luck!

General anesthesia is the sweetest, most peaceful feeling you will ever have. You don't fade away or blackout, you just fall asleep.

I have been put out three times, each time it was pretty well the same,
they gave me a shot that sort of burned, and then gave me something in a mask, I vaguely remember some talking and some beeping of the heart monitor, and then I remember waking up.
Each time I didn't feel weird really, just tired, and then like waking up in the morning you don't remember "going to sleep"

You don't remember going "out" -- or rather, I didn't.

You just wake up . . . you don't fall asleep . . . you just wake up . . . it's hard to describe any other way.

Anesthesia affects some people differently, but it's nothing to be nervous or scared about. If you're nervous you can ask to talk with the anesthesiologist before you go "under", most are understanding, professional, and should be able to answer your questions. Personally, however, when I was put under anesthesia, it wasn't scary fading away or blacking out. It was more like becoming very tired very quickly, then I was out like a light, it just feels like going to sleep after you've had a very long day.

Susan - ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
It's not scary at all; mostly because they give you a shot of valium & it makes you not really care. (My mom calls it an "I don't care" shot.) Then you will either go to sleep while you're talking to then or they will have you start counting backwards & you'll drift off to sleep. (*Note - everyone is slightly different.)

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