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What does food poisoning feel like?
What are the symptoms?

u fel sick
u throw up

some people get sick to their stomach with vomiting and will have diarrea, you will feel super week as the systoms continue. this is after you have eatten contamited food. you may need to get iv fluids for this if you dehydriate.

Feels like your stomach has a hurricane inside and tearing everything apart. Try Antioxidant found in the vitamin section, I've heard it really helps if taken early on.

Marcus R.
You have to barf and move your bowls at the same time. I generally do the sit down first, then go outside so I can throw up while lying on a yard cushion in some comfort rather than hugging the toilet. Once you have dry heaved a few times you will feel better. Its just an easy way for your body to get rid of the poison which has many different names. Don't bother going to the doctors or the emergency room unless its a real poison, they will just hand you a barf bag.

Symptoms of food poisoning depend on the type of contaminant and the amount eaten. The symptoms can develop rapidly, within 30 minutes, or slowly, worsening over days to weeks. Most of the common contaminants cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. Usually food poisoning is not serious, and the illness runs its course in 24-48 hours.

It usually starts off with flu like symptoms, real achy and sore and lethargic. After that you might have a few bouts of vomiting but it is mostly diarrhea that would fit through the eye of a needle. Not pleasant at all. Stomach cramps and nausea, usually accompanied by the feeling that you will actually die from what you have (which you can). I've had campylobacter three times and it is very different from just having a bit of the runs.

It really all depends on the person. Any symptom commonly associated with "the flu" can be a symptom of food poisoning. This would include stomach cramping, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever, headache, and dizziness. In most cases, it will run its course in a few days. If you throw up or poop out blood, you should see a doctor immediately. If you faint or have a very high fever (over 103), you should also see your doctor right away. See a doctor if you do not begin to feel better in 48-72 hours. In most cases, some rest and maybe a few over-the-counter medications will do the trick.

dave c
Food poisoning is horrible. Some symptoms include bloody stool, vomiting, cramps, the runs, aches throughout the body.
It usually kicks in about 12 hours after you eat said food. Go see your doctor if symptoms last more than 8-12 hrs after the first signs of sickness. Good luck

Curl up in bed because of stomach pain/discomfort, nausea, discomfort, nausea, run to the toilet, nausea, curl up in bed, nausea, run back to the toilet, repeat for the next 2-8 hours! Good way to loose weight though!

food poisoning generally is very obvious,you will feel extremely sick to your stomach, you can have severe diarrhea and over all sickly bad feeling, it is very very bad, stomach flu only lasts a day food poisoning is much more severe and can last a few days.

imagine stomach flu times 50 and thats a MILD CASE. there are all kinds of food poisoning symptoms and levels of severity. go to webmd.com better insights than what i can give ya......

Symptoms of food poisoning depend on the type of contaminant and the amount eaten. The symptoms can develop rapidly, within 30 minutes, or slowly, worsening over days to weeks. Most of the common contaminants cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. Usually food poisoning is not serious, and the illness runs its course in 24-48 hours

ugh it feels like death...you have to throw up and **** at the same time

Typical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea that come on suddenly (within 48 hours) of consuming a contaminated food or drink. Depending on the contaminant, fever and chills, bloody stools, dehydration, and nervous system damage may follow.

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