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What does being in a coma feel like?
to people who have been in a coma, how long were you in it? do you remember what it was like? did you hear anything? is it like sleeping? why where you in a coma? what did it feel like waking up? did you dream? can you smell, see, feel, sense? can you feel pain?

The FraZ
It feels like a colma...

crazy boi
The point where you org*sm... the world stands still.. and your staring into the eyes of your true love and that moment last forever. Well it last much longer in a coma.

Idina Lopez
I was in it for 2 weeks, I don't remember a thing, I couldn't hear anything, it's exactly like sleeping but deeper, I was in it because a table fell on my head - it was stacked up and I bent over and it fell. I didn't dream, I didn't smell, see, feel or sense things as I was too deep. I couldn't feel ANY pain.

That answers all your questions. Seriously a coma is basically a sleep.

Chaz Michael Michaels
If you really want to know what it's like to be in a coma, you can do it yourself. Come over to my house when my in-laws are there and listen to them talk. You will see immediately.

your like sleeping for a long time

Sleeping for a longtime, you can't do anything but have dreams.

Jewel J

J. Delm,
I was in a coma for three days. no pain, worries, nothing, just
sleep. I remembered what happened before I went into a coma, and when I woke up. But for the three days, I don't know anything.

Antony T
Being in a Deep Sleep

Thomas R
Being in a comma is a lot different then sleep. In sleep you are aware of things that set off your five senses. Touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell. When you are in a comma your senses do not work because your brain has shut down or has partially shut down. There is very little that your are aware of and all is black.

Shane K
Being in a coma does not 'feel' like anything. in fact under most cases they will not respond to pain. most just dream,of peace full situations while a select few are aware of whats going on and cant wake. sad thing really.

Blue Simian
It doesn't feel like anything. I faded out in the ambulance then woke up in the hospital with tubes sticking out of me. Later they informed me that 5 days had passed. Also, apparently I caused quite a ruckus when they brought me into the hospital; yelling and screaming. I don't recall anything.

I've heard that some people don't remember it while others say that when they wake up, they have recollection of hearing voices and even hearing specifically what someone said. Some even go farther and say that they SAW people entering and leaving the room even though they were unconscious.

It was hot, and the herbs and spices tickled my nose, and couldnt get my breath.

Thats the last time I go into a korma

I am Me <3 and i ♥ u
its supposed to be like sleeping

Sox=2005 champs Cubs=hmm when?
i don't think so, alot of times a coma is from an injury to the head. I think memory would be effected.

Honey Beats
like ur sleeping

this was actually one of the best questions i have read on yahoo answers, good question!

Jessica M
i slipped into a coma when i was like 15 almost 16 for a week , i drank to much and passed out ( stupid i know ) its like sleeping but you cant hear anyone feel anything nothing . and when you wake up its extremely weird

Mr. Mole
It does not feel like anything, you feel nothing, you hear nothing, you see nothing, you are dead for all intents and purposes.

I'm not sure, I slept right through the coma, don't remember a thing.

Tessa S
You dont feel anything at all. as a matter of fact, you dont even know its happening until you wake up.

Anthony Spears
Being in a coma is the same as what it feels like to be a rock. You would have to ask a rock, and the rocks aren't talking. Nobody knows what a coma is like, which leads me to believe it's like death, for all intents and purposes.

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