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What do nits eat?

scalp, they also tend to eat away at your sanity and insist on driving you crazy

They drink your blood, that is why you land up with itching, which is another form of pain, so when you start itching you have already provided breakfast at least! eeeww!!!

your blood or scalp

Your Scalp...

canada grl
your brain!



your eye balls

paula p
blood, and if you dont get rid of them they will drag you down to the river and you will drown, well that's what I was told when I was young. I was terrified of getting them.


dandruff........so use head and shoulders!!!!

Top Ramen.

blood, thats whi it itches when they bite

nits are the eggs of the hair louse and they feed on blood

candi k
nits are eggs lice are the parents and they eat blood, i shave all our heads if bad infestation my hubby bricks it, when i shave my head why?

Ithink its your blood but only a tiny amount.

Caicos Turkey
Nits don't eat anything, as they are unhatched eggs of hair lice. It's the nasty little lice who feed, boring into your head and feasting on the blood. Hateful little brutes!


Your blood

toast toppers

Nits are the eggs of fleas. Fleas eat your blood. The more the Fleas eat, the more eggs they lay to hatch out as Fleas....

Twelve Monkeys
I know a nit (twit) he likes cheese sandwiches.

All the nits I've seen they are usually eating big macs.

Nits don't eat anything. They are the eggs of head lice (Pediculosis capitis). Head lice live on blood which they extract from biting into the scalp.

Dragon Empress
Nits are louse eggs. It's the lice that eat and they live on your blood and lay eggs (nits).

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