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What causes sudden, unexpected nose bleeds that ocurr without warning?

your brain is trying to leap out of your head, and it's picked the nose as the most likely escape route. try jamming a pencil up there and see if you can teach your brain a lesson.

banduvula s
hi i am shyam may i know your name pl pl ask me questions related to health and medicines there will be a nose bleeding because due to the heat of the sun the will be no warning it will occur suddenly

street violence

Neil - the hypocrite
I had a severe problem with this as a kid. I ended up having my nose cauterised by the GP. I think I had too many thin little blood vessels or something.

the unwanted heat in ur body.
i mean to say tat, whatever u eat tat contains high amount of chilli or any hot substance
avoid eating high chilli content in ur food also avoid oil

List P
I used to have sudden nose bleeding due to high temperature weather up till the age of about 10 years old.

Now it happens to my younger son once in a while for the same reason.

However, maybe you should see a doctor if you are concerned.

you should see a doctor.

snorting for one.

The problem is associated with weak blood vessels in the nasal passage.

The bleeding may result from high blood pressure, and a visit to the doctor is a must.

You will receive a PROFESSIONAL diagnosis and appropriate treatment should it be necessary.

It is possible you will be referred to a Throat, Nose and Ear specialist at your local hospital.

high blood pressure or an allergic reaction..see your doc

Dry hot air. Or constant nose blowing.

Burst Blood vessels and Heat

stress....i used to get them whenever i had exams....the last time i had one was when my luggage got lost by an airline and i got a nose-bleed while waiting at the airport help desk, it didn't help the situation!

if you are not stressed &/or have not lost all your luggage while travelling, and you are getting nose-bleeds all the time then maybe you need surgery, my friend used to suffer from them a lot but since she had an operation she never gets them.

charlie c
fists !

josh b
blasting those big fat lines of coke

tommy clark cracker

Stress causes it, but if you don't feel stressed ten go to your doctor for a check up see what they think of it.

usually because of a ruptured blood vessel

get a doctor to check your nose out...

Epistaxis- hemorrhage from the nose, usually due to rupture of small vessels overlying the anterior part of the cartilaginous nasal sputum.
Please see the webpage on Nose bleed (Epistaxis).

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