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Mrs. K
What causes eyes to water for no reason at all?
Usually later in the night, I will be laying in bed and my eyes are watering. My husband has noticed a few times and will ask what is wrong or why I am I crying? I am not crying of course. What causes this to happen?

Green Eyes
this happens to me.

Sometimes if i get too much or too little sleep or if I'm really tired.

Sometimes they just are "leaky" as I call them because they want to be. haha.

No reason but it's kind of annoying.

Also if I put my head on the pillow a certain way for too long my eyes tear....

the same happens to me! its annoying. but i dont know wats happin. sry

our eyes cleans themselves as well

allergies :)
or something is in it

my bio teacher taught me that (if you're a girl) your eyes can water in response to a sad move (for instance) due to hormones

disclaimer "I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose".
I noticed you mentioned only at night, lying in bed.....most likely allergies from allergens and mites that are in your bedding. Everyone has mites in their pillows and bedding no matter how clean you are. It is one of the leading causes of allergies. Keep clean sheets on the bed. removed daily comforter. Purchase new pillows yearly. Consider a linen spray that reduces mites, consider a hypoallergenic cover for your mattress. Last ditch effort, if not allergic, take benadryl as per package instructions 30 mins prior to bed, and as usually always consider talking to your doctor about this. They are your best source of information and intervention. Good luck and sweet dreams.

My eyes water when I am tired.

maybe you need a good cry your tears may be backed up i think i heard that once or its allergies,

I'm OUTTA Here

Gilbert P
Some prescription medicine cause eyes to
water and cause runny nose.

Eye strain, allergies too much comp/tv, Make an appointment and get your eyes checked, Maybe reading glasses are in order. I had the same problem. Too much eye strain was my problem. also I was watching too much tv in too dark a room. Put on a light which elimiates that, Good Luck

Something is irritating your eyes. Maybe something you can't see or smell. Allergies can cause it too.
Have you checked your home for leaking natural or propane gas? Radon gas? Carbon monoxide?
An allergy to your bedding maybe? Have you changed the detergent you do bedding laundry in?
New pet? How about a new bath/shower soap?
There is a reason for your watering eyes... just have to figure out what it is.

when your eyes or nose gets irritated by a speck of dust... (ex: when a person sneezes, tears come to their eyes)

My eyes tear before I go to sleep. Maybe because it's hereditary

My Mom had it. My Mom's Brother's daughter has it.

crafts and things
allergies, and dry eyes, using eye drops helps some lose lubrication in their tears. using a moisturizing eye drop helps, start with 4 times a day, that's what I was told to do

lol im suprised no one has answered the correct answer to this..well your eyes like most of your body do get tired...soo...as a form of relaxing the muscles they send out little electrical impulses that trigger a stimulation for your eyes. tears are released as a form of relaxation for them... you easily tear fomr stress..computer....school... and everything else that deals with stress..any ways its only natural for them to tear ...and for the record you eyes are very complicated and use more muscles then any body part on you!

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