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 I always feel dizzy,wot should I do?
for two days now I feel really dizzy.I can´t sleep well now because it feels like the world is spinning.I drank orange juice.What could be the matter with me?And what do you think would help me?

 How do you know if your liver is damaged - after a weekend of drinking a lot I can't face alcohol?
What are the symptoms of liver damage?
Additional Details
I hardly ever drink but went on a hen party weekend and was certainly not falling over!...

 Diagnose me please....thank u!!!?
Headaches, fatigue, my arms are sore, irritability, headaches, dizzy spells, ear ache, feel like i gotta puke. (cant be pregnant)...

 Why do your ears go funny when you have a cold?
Please can someone explain why hearing goes funny and your ears feel like they've been filled with cold water when you have a cold? Also, why does it feel like I've got swimming pool water ...

 Can A person die from MS?
im asking because my mom has it... and the doctor says its a sever case of it... she has to give herself shots every week.. so can someone die from this disease?
Additional Details
if so ...

 PLEASE ANSWER ..lack of thirst and appetite IF ITS NOT STRESS WHAT COULD IT BE??
dont feel sick or flu like symptoms or fever and it doesnt hurt me when i eat its just that i dont feel hungry or crave food..ill just eat it because i have not ate and i know i have to eat something ...

 My nephew's body went into some kind of shock what was it?
This is the fourth time in a year this has happened. My 5 y/o nephew would get worked up or gets hurt and then his body goes into complete shock, his body starts shaking, his eyes roll into their ...

 What is the treatment for down syndrome?
plz ...

 Hard BUMP in my neck, what could it be?

I have a weird bump under my jaw that is hard. It isn't very large but its big enough to be visible. It started small and appears to be growing slowly, I also have another bump close to it ...

 What is this disorder?
want to know what this disorder/ disease is.. sorry I don't know alot about it just some of the weird symptoms.... please help.

- child born with only one set of teeth, which are ...

 Does anone know if crohn's disease is gentic? (so if it can be passed on)?

 It's not funny, but my burps smell like eggs?
This has been happening to me for some months now. It has NOTHING to do with me eating eggs; I know because I haven't eaten eggs in weeks. I've looked up my condition and the symptoms and ...

 Whats the diffrence between anorexia and bulimia.?

 Am I getting dyslexic?
In the past year I am findind that I am starting to type words with letters mixes up and some letters substituted for others. i am 36.is it the drimnk that is getting to me, or am I getting old. or ...

 My husbands health has drove my crazy!?
Hi there, My husband got Pancreatitis from having gallstones in his pancreas duct. They did an ERCP and thats how the pancreatitis started. My husband has had yellow jaundnice, pnemonia 2 times, his ...

 Ilm lost my health insure i,m in coumodin i had a?
i need help i want to know what can i do i,m 32 years old i lost my job and my health insure I'm taking coumodin because ;i have
MITRAL VALVE REPLACEMENT. i just have coumodin for 25 days ...

 What treatment is available for problematic alcoholics?

 If you have a brain tumor can you feel the lump?

 What should i eat right now ive been throwing up alot and have symptoms like diareah my stomach hurts?
food or what should i do/ ...

 Can you look older from worrying all the time?
Let's assume alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs are NOT used....

What can be wrong if you have not had a bowel movement in three weeks?
I have tried everything to try and go nothing works. What can be wrong?

Ok 1st I Find That Unnatural 2nd U Need 2 Go 2 The Doctor Or Give Your Self A Laxtive {Yeah Do That 1st} If That Doesn't Work Then Go To The Doctor And They Will Give You Someting 2 Make U Go. And Don't Think U Will Be Leaving Once They Give U What They Are Gonna Give You Because It Works FAST.

xoxoss x
go to the doc a.s.a.p have u tried laxatives, prune juice? sometimes u cannot go num 2 when u donot drink enough water ohhh and u may want to start taking more often fiber pills or powder u can get it at any sav on. rite aid or any drug store.. but first u may want to go se a doc..

Thaylen M
It could be a problem with your colon. You need to contact a doctor.

Constipation! Go to emerg. If laxatives haven't worked, you need medical help . Don't wait for a cure all here.

Go see your doctor! If you don't have a doctor you should go to the emergency room. Please get medical attention as soon as possible if you really have not had a bowel movement in three weeks. If you are worried about payment or what might be wrong with you (for instance if you think you might have HIV or something) then go to the ER without any ID and say you are indigent, and use a false name. But please-- SEE A DOCTOR.

go to the doctor... you probably have some kind of intestinal blockage

Blockage. GO to the doctor

You MUST seek a doctor's advice. This is urgent. If you haven't been for that length of time the faeces can back up and cause further problems. Do this today.


stacey t
You are severely constipated. Either your stools are so dry they can't pass or there is something causing a blockage in your intestines. This is also a condition called an ileus. Seek medical attn. immediately

Beatrix Kiddo
You must have some sort of blockage!! You need to go to the doctor!

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