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 Can i have fetal alcohol syndrome?
even tho im 15 can i still have fetal alcohol syndrome and how can i tell do is there ...

 What not to eat when you have Acid Reflux?
What can't you eat when you have Acid Reflux? I know the common stuff like spicy food but What else????...

 What would cause these symptoms?
nausea, low grade fever99.9 feeling weak. and thats it. just feeling really crappy. this has been going on for 4 days now. i did get sick once but ive been able to hold it back. i have been able to ...

 Anyone else have problems with canker sores?
I seem to develop canker sores every four to six months or so in the bottom of my lips, between my lips and my teeth, and it's a pain. Anything I could do about it?...

 IBS out of control, reliant on Immodium - any suggestions?
Hi guys - Ive suffered from IBS for about 7 / 8 years now (diagnosed by the doctor as a wheat allergy) and in the last 2 years or so have become reliant on Immodium to keep the attacks at bay. The ...

 Have heard of double pneumonia but what's single pneumonia?

 What are you doing to change his mind?
With out medical reoprt If he say "trust me we don't need condom to use between us everything is ok I trust you and trust me" what are you doing to change his mined?...

 What is wrong with me?
i used to not stop eating and i was hungry all of the time....and like 2 weeks after i started dating my boyfriend i didnt wanna eat anything.....the smell of food makes me sick at my stomach so i ...

 I'm just starting to get addicted to cigarettes, how do I crush this urge?
I'm not a smoker, but i keep wanting to smoke cigarettes. How do I stop this before its too late?...

 I feel serious headaches which make to think for suicide b cos i cant bare it any more?
i feel serious headaches . first i start pain in my forehead then slowley it it raise up and capture complete head then i can think any thing i just lay down catching my hairs in my hands all the ...

 I have a wird itch on my legs which are alot of little dots blood red anyone know what this even is? or treat?
I got this not to long ago and it itches uncontrolably and drives me ...

 Does weed show up in blood tests?
Hi, I'm having a general blood test this thursday (24th May), and I smoked a joint on friday night. They're running tests to see if I have a thyroid problem/anaemia etc. I'm not a ...

 I have crohns disease and wondered in I can ever have a normal life?

Additional Details
I mainly suffer from abcesses and have medication but they come every few months oes anyone now how to reducen them?...

 I beat my anorexia problem but now I am fat, what to do now?
Maybe I just sprained my stomach and cant stop the swelling....

 Can a person be infected by kissing a HIV positive mate?

 If AUTISM is genetically-linked how come it's on the rise?
I feel it must have a chemical/pollutant aspect to it, for if it were just a genetic trait it would remain at a constant, not increasing so much (1/150 babies now born with it).
Any opinions?...

 Any ideas how to cope with 'Cluster' Headaches?
I tend to suffer from headaches and migraines but for the last 10 days I have been waking up with a headache. I was once advised by my GP that it could be Cluster Headaches. Has anyone got any info ...

 If l stick my ears to my head with superglue?
will it do any damage? l just dont like sticky out ...

 My mother went in a hospital for some urinary test. can you tell me what this means?

COLOR: drk yellow
Transparency: sl.hazy
Sp.Grav: 1.020
Reaction: Acidic
Albumin: (+1)
Sugar: Negative
Pus Cells: 5-8/hpf<...

 If your bowel is really called a colon...?
...why isn't your bum called a full stop? And if a person has surgery to remove half of their bowel shouldn't they be called a semi colon?...

What are the symptoms of going blind?
I have a lot of pain in my eyes now i need glasses and my eye sight is getting worse

what are the SYMTOMS

Will M
not being able to see.

Not being able to read this answer...

u cant see very wel...duh!

You can't see anything

eyesight is really blurry than gradually gets more gray then turns dark

Symptoms of Blindness:

Vision Loss

Symptoms of Vision Loss:

Blind spot
Macular degeneration
Macular hole
Optic neuritis - may cause unilateral sudden central vision loss.
Multiple sclerosis - because it may cause optic neuritis
Brain tumors
Brain aneurysm
Peripheral vision loss - with possible causes of peripheral vision loss such as:
Blind spot
Retinal detachment
Some possible causes of vision loss include:
Eye injury
Macular degeneration
Age-related macular degeneration
Certain eye diseases
Retinal conditions
Retinal tear
Diabetic retinopathy
Multiple sclerosis
Optic nerve compression
Increased intracranial pressure
Bilateral papilloedema
Malignant hypertension
Bilateral occipital lobe infarct

The Man in The Suit....
You cant see any more, and your eyes start to hurt.

Garret T

u get dizy and all of a sudden u see only see red.

Felix Q
That's not necessarily indicative of going blind, more likely you're just straining your eyes, maybe the glasses aren't quite right. Because of the fact that going blind can be because of several causes, there's no one path one can point out. Just have your eyes checked out by a different doctor and voice your concerns.

Vision changes, Vision loss, Impaired vision.

What the helll are you doing on computer,you should rest those babies.Good luck,and dont over do it reading and all.

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