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What are the causes of lip swelling?..?

Too much Blowing!

most likely a punch........but it could be a complication from ball-chin.....

lip swelling is caused by a virus. It usually goes away within 24-72 hours.

natalie k
your lips could also swell up due to an allergic reaction from something you ate or came in contact with your lips.

Could be an allergic reaction. You could try Benadryl

My husband had a similar problem. It turns out that his was the combination of taking Excedrin and Sudafed over time.

I am not a dr, but would bet on an allergic reaction to something, and if it is like my husband's, it may have to have 2 factors in order to show up.

I would check with your doctor, or if you are thinking drug interaction, check with your pharmacist. Usually pharmacists are more up on drug interactions.

Good luck

When someone takes their fist and knocks the sh/t out of you! Or it was something you ate. I'm not saying what---but if it's not healthy----cut it loose!

Autumn M
i slipped on the stairs outside and my mouth hit the railing just perfect enough to give me a fat lip.

Could be about a billion things.

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