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What are the best foods for a cough, and what should I avoid?
I am tired of this stupid cough (a result of a cold I'm still battling), but I can only stand so many cough drops, and cough medicine usually never works for me. I'd like to see what foods are best to eat that don't exacerbate the cough, and what I should avoid. Thanks!

Sugar or soothers.

Stay away from milk and any dairy products. Try drinking some tea or warm water with salt. If your hungrey try JELL-O
and if you are really hungrey try eating soup and/or toast with jelly

hot teas and hots soups hot stews
but no dairy products
they say to feed a cold
so make sure its lots of the hot stuff ok

try...honey,hot water and lemon(mix together)
don't drink milk

Stay away from dairy because that causes phlem to build up. Choose things with lots of vitamins and protein to help your body recover faster. Like real fruit juices and chicken noodle soup. You know, the usual stuff.

Emrald F
Don't eat or drink anything cold. That's a chinese medicine thing. I didn't believe it until I ate ice cream when I had the flu and I was sicker than ever afterwards.

The best thing for a cough is GSE, Propolis, Echinacea and Vitamin C. Drink lots of tea and hot soup. Make chicken noodle soup and add veggies like finely cut spinach and carrots.

You should definetly consider the supplements I listed above.


Propolis really helped me get rid of a chronic cough. It's made from bees wax. So if your allergic don't take it.


Crazy Cat Lady &gt;^..^<
Stay away from milk

Bananas. There's some type of property in them that is helpful for sore throats and coughs (can't remember what it is at the moment). Honey has been known to reduce swelling and can calm a tickle or cough. The cough could be a result of post nasal drip, which causes a tickle in the back of the throat, but doesn't produce any mucous. Still, avoid any dairy products until you clear up.

Anna W
drink red clover tea

Jill L
Food to avoid include dairy products, milk, cheese, ice cream, etc... , as they cause more mucous to form in the back of your throat, which in turn, increases your coughing.

Real honey with lemon in a warm beverage like tea is wonderful for a cough. I've also read that the herbs of marshmallow and slippery elm are good for coughs and sore throat, although I don't know that eating marshmallows would have the same effect. lol. They do make marshmallow tea and slippery elm bark tea (the elm bark tea is pretty yucky tasting) which you could find at a health food store. I would also suggest eating fresh fruits, especially oranges/citrus, and green vegetables like broccoli, etc.

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