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 Why does my urine smell like popcorn?
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What are possible causes for my lower back and leg pain?
I'm 22 and since about a year ago, I've been having lower back pain that's been getting worst. I don't do sports and there was no injury to the area. It comes and goes but it's causing me more pain now and the pain is also in my legs. The pain is worst when I lie down at night and its a sharp pain radiating to a dull pain. The leg pain feels like nerve pain and it's been making my legs very weak and I have trouble walking at times. I also get this weird tingling sensation in my lower body and it makes my legs weak and knees buckle. I've been to several doctors and they told me it was muscle pain at first, told me to exercise, and gave me anti-inflammatory meds. None of that worked, and they are having xrays dones and my CT scan is schedule for monday. I'm pretty nervous, and the doctory said she does not know what it is without the test results and does not know what the problem could be. Anyone have similar experiences and can tell me what it was or any ideas what it could be?
Additional Details
Will CT scans always be helpful to find out problems relating to my back pain? Seems like some of you think that I should not be getting a CT scan. What is the worst possible problem that could be causing my pain? I just want to be prepared. I don't do any lifting or heavy exercise, so the slipped disc thing seems weird... Does it just happen?

carrie dakota
I have 4 herniated disks because of a car accident, and that is what causes for me, the same symptoms. My orthopedic doctor told me that could happen naturally sometimes from weight gain or just picking something off the floor wrong. I would go to an orthopedic, they seem to help the most =).

Well the good thing is that usually the bad things like neurological diseases that can cause these symptoms don't usually have back pain. Could be a pinched nerve or sciatica, and that would explain the weird feelings and nerve type stuff. I hope the CT gives you an answer, but there are other tests like an MRI or tests that check the nerve conduction of your legs that may be helpful. If this doc is not a specialist and can't give you more ideas after the test results, maybe see an orthopedist and/or a neurologist.

there could be alot of things that could cause that but you are doing the right thing by seeing your doc and having a ct scan. my friend just today had surgery to remove a cyst/tumor that was at her spine. she had similiar symptoms that u have. surgery was a success and no cancer. i know someone who has fibromyalgia who has similiar symptoms. could be a pinched nerve and massage might help. maybe a chiropractor could help. maybe a blood clot? kidney infection? you are asking non doctors to help you gain info on what it might be...i know you are nervous. we dont know any more than you do nor does your doctor until the test results are in. when something seems "off" with our bodies we do tend to be nervous and i understand, but please try not to worry too much. it might be nothing or it might be something that is easily correctable. hang in there and i will say a prayer for you. good luck and Best to you!

Yippy Yippy Yum Yum
Seems like Lazy Leg Syndrome ... see your doctor ...

Sounds like the beginnings of MS, but then I'm not a doctor. Get to another doctor for a second opinion.

Poor circulation or a pinched nerve

Disc Herniation
Piriformis Syndrome

Why are they doing a CT scan, an MRI and NCV would give them so much more info. CT is for bone, and MRI for soft tissue, and I would bet money its a soft tissue problem.

You are to young to bet cut on - do not get surgery without looking into some more natural therapies like: physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture -even if you have a herniation.

you can have these exact feelings b/c you need pro-biotics... too many anti-biotics over 20 years and nothing to put the "good" stuff back in the body... look into pro-biotics. its the "good bacteria" found in yogurt BUT you will never get enough that way. go to a health food store and get the refridgerator kind. it takes nillions daily to help and its worth it... you get millions /per capsule. the immune system is in the colon. keep it healthy and you will enjoy good health. :)

my back is the same way I find stretching my back (alot ) helps try stretching your hamstring (upper back leg ) muscle sometimes they tighten and pull on the back

Dusty R
I over worked myself at the gym one time and pulled a muscle. It pinched my sciatic nerve and it caused pain from my back all the way down my leg. It hurt for a couple of weeks and still is achy a little. At first though I would have sharp pains every time I stood up and sat down. Otherwise it ached. It feels better now but, still hurts.

It seems like you have a bulging disc in your lower spine that is making you feel like you do. I'm glad your getting checked out. If left unchecked, it could get alot worse. Sometimes your vertebrae can loose it's stability and slip. That's bad. (Spondylolysthesis.) Go get your CT. No big deal at all. Just lie down and hold still. When you lie down to sleep, put some pillows under your knees to keep pressure off your back. That will help alot! Ask your Dr. for a MRI of your lumbar spine. That will be more diagnostic for your symtoms. (If you don't have any metallic implants) Good Luck!

it could be a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disk.

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