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Mr. Bugsme
There's a blood-red spot on the white of my left eye. It's quite large. Anyone know what it might be?
It doesn't hurt at all and it appears to be almost perfectly round - as though a red contact lens slipped into the white of my eye. (I don't wear contacts so that's not it). Thanks.

kristy h
it might be a poped vane, you can't feel it ,it has happened to me or it could be a birth mark ...it's posible... i have a birth mark on my arm that didn't show up until two years ago.

could be a blood vessel in your eye burst=check at eye Drs to make sure ok

Tonya R
It is possible that you might have ruptured a small blood vessel of the conjunctiva (surface lining of the eye) causing a spot of hemorrhage which appears as a red dot/blood spot. This is likely to clear up over the next few days.
If it does not clear up or starts to hurt or bother your vision then contact your doctor. But on the norm they heal up just looks kind of different.

i had that happen before
you probably have poped a blood vesel in your eye
dont rub it and it will heal on its own
if its an infection (i.e. it gets larger, itchy,) then go to an eye doctor

I have had these before, it is perfectly normal to have a red spot in the white of ur eye. It will stay 4 a month or longer, but will eventually go away.

Friend, you need to go to the Doctor, it sounds like you may have had what they call a stroke in your eye.

it might be a blood vessel

Go to the doctor. It is a broken blood vessel in your eye and might mean your blood pressure is too high and you may be flirting with a stroke.

A burst capillary.


i love my dog
it could be a stie or stye not sure how to spell it but or it could be a burst-ed blood vessel if it does not go away after a week go to the eye Dr.

Ashley D
it could be due to a reaction to a medication as well. i had it happen while i was in finland and took a kind of medicine similar to ibuprofen for my headache. the next day i had a red spot similar to what you discribed. however, if it concerns you, you may want to go to a doctor because there are a number of reasons this could have happend, and it may be due to something larger.

I had that happen a couple of times & the doctor told me it was from excessive coughing or sneezing very hard. It broke a blood vessel in my eyeball. Just a thought since that was my problem. It goes away in a few days.

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