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The room is spinning and i'm not high or drunk, whats wrong?
So i was at a friends house and then i came home and i layed in bed for a second, and then i walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth but i was sooo dizzy i couldn't even stand. and i came back and layed on my bed and every object i look at starts spinning.

what is this?
Additional Details
dr. house-your freakin retarded. that had nothing to do with my question, and i'm a girl!

It's called ....call your mother or someone closer to you to talk about this.

These stupid assumptions aren't going to help. This could be serious. Call someone closer to you.

well if you have consumed drugs or alcohol in a recent amount of time you could be, or just dehydrated. Try drinking some water

it sounds abit like vertigo to me. i get it every now and then when i'm lying down and trying to go to sleep, or just when i'm sitting and close my eyes. the room will just spin, even with your eyes closed you feel like your spinning/falling. i tend to put another pillow under my head to lift it up abit, sometimes that helps.

Due to the color of your hair sitting up and laying down caused the air in your head to violently move from one side to another. Causing vertigo which is caused by the gelling of the fluid in your ear. Which causes your brain to say you're laying down when you're standing up, and vi versa.

Tasheik K
did you drink or eat anything over your friend house because someone might of put something in it

ur friend probly slipped sumthin in ur drink

Your blood was rushing. (if that makes sence?)

dusty denizen
You could be really, really tired. Sometimes when I stay up really late, I get that drunkish feeling.

Otherwise, did somebody put something in your drink?

This could be early signs of dementia, or a classic case of vertigo, or you simply sat up too fast and the lack of blood to your head caused it. A homeopathic approach is what you need. I suggest taking a glass of warm milk, freshly squeezed from a cow first thing in the morning, and adding cinnamon to it. Rub this solution all of your face, neck, chest and head, vigorously. Close your eyes and take a nap, when you wake up you will feel refreshed, and your skin will have a pleasant smell of cinnamon.

US Girl
LOW blood pressure

P.S. don;t get up from bed too fast (do it gradually so that the blood haves time to go up to your head)
put your head down or lie a little.

It sounds like vertigo to me. It's really unpleasant, and most medications that doctor's prescribe (like Anti-Vert or Meclizine) actually make it worse.

I would see a doctor soon. No sense in taking a chance that it's something worse.

I really hope you feel better soon.

What you're describing doesn't sound fun.

Prof. Waters
Have you sneezed lately? One of the causes of "room spinning terets" could be sneezing. I had this one patient that had to sneeze each time he looked through a window. Unfortunately, he couldn't make himself sneeze. Well, he was so backed up with having to sneeze, his mind filled up with just of him sneezing and he soon committed suicide by Mr. Hands.

Take care lady, i hope you figure this one out.

Dr. Campbell
Eduardo is partially correct. There are many myths concerning homeopathic remedies, one of which is that ingredients used need to be "fresh squeezed." Regardless, warm milk mixed with cinnamon has many therapeutic effects including vertaginal axis realignment which will help with any balance / vertigo issues you may experience.

Application depends primarily on how congested you are. If you are breathing normally ad 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to a about 16oz of warm (room temperature) milk and apply directly to the chest. Milk and cinnamon is an evaporate so it only needs to be inhaled for it effects to take effect. If you are more congested then you may need to apply to the neck and face to aid with absorption before resting. Also be careful to avoid applying cinnamilk to the eyes, it can be quite irritating.

this happens to me sometimes. it seems to come from nowhere, huh?

I think it has something to do with the insulin level in our blood. Or something to do with inner ear fluids.

The only thing that I ever did about it was to lie down for awhile or, if you can, take a nap.

Look up the word Vertigo. It might help you.

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