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 Cold sore question?
I have never had a cold sore in my life, nor has my husband. I know people who've had them, so I know what they look like. Half of his bottom lip is swollen and split there seems to be a huge ...

 What do you do when you see a physician and they misdiagnose you without any tests?

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 Are migraines an effect of a brain tumor or anything serious like that?

 I have not been drinking alot of water or taken dump,does not drinking causes not to take a dump?

 My son asked me what color a brain is ? and i dont have an awenser lol. does any one know for sure?

 Is it normal to be able to block out entire weeks or months if they went bad?
I have this problem....

 What is it called when they "pull the plug" when you're in a coma.?
when they stop giving you treatment and let you die....

 Headache lasting over a week. Temples, forehead, behind eyes, back of head.?
No heart problems detected
Additional Details
went to doctor and e.r. Was sent home with Cephadyn. Helps for a bit than not. Advil with the Cephadyn doesnt touch it. HELP!...

 I have non-painful soft lumps under my armpits that have been there for years? Do you think it's just fat?
On the left it looks like a bump beneath the bend (all the way across the pit and about 1-2" in length) and on the right there is one above and below the crease. I recently had some hair ...

 Which of the folowing most accurately defines good health today? (a) the ability to recover from an illness (b
which of the folowing most accurately defines good health today? (a) the ability to recover from an illness (b) the ability to endure a 30-minute workout (c) the absence of disease (d) complee ...

 I hv an arthritis problem kindly advise me good pain killer?

 Chest Pain?
I have had a pain more to the right side/center or my chest. Around the left of my right breast. If I it, it feels almost bruised but throughout the day it just aches.

Other symptomes : <...

 If you were diagnosed with a life threatening disease, would you live your life expecting a cure?

 Could it be appendicitis?
starting yesterday morning i woke up and felt like crap i felt sick and very nearly was i had the worst sore stomach in the world and still do it was a bit like contractions in labour but not as bad ...

 Is it normal to experience nausea due to anxiety and worries..? Does what you hold emotionally trigger nausea?
i sort of have an anxiety disorder but havent been diagnosed yet...But my problem is, is that I have always been paranoid, and have had phobias, such as of cancer and diseases and stuff like that, ...

 How to cure an eye stye?
Am I spelling that correctly? I have a pimple like thing developing under my eye- I think its a stye (spelled as it sounds) should I use a warm press on it or a cold one. its kind of painful......

 Daily constipation??
hi friends
I get constipation almost daily.whenever after meals,I get stomach bloating and uncomfortable pain.Is this serious??

What does the symptom might indicate??...

 Is there a well documented cure for tinnitus ( constant ringing in your ears; 24/7)?
Several ENT doctors say no cure but you can find many claims for cures all over the internet....

 Help! my dad NEEDS surgery?
ok. dad went to the doctor and he was told his gull bladder was swollen to the size of a baseball. it is also severly infected and must be taken out. they said he's lucky it hasn't ruptured ...

The base of my foot keeps feeling as if its on fire - like ive had it up against a radiator - any ideas?
Its so odd- it literally feels as if ive been standing on a boiling hot surface - its worrying me it was happening once or twice a day but now its happening all the time ??? If anyone has any ideas what this might be - let me know !

Hiya! Lucy whatever you do,do not panic. You have impacted the muscle, perhaps by jumping down from a high step or something! Do what i do, and i got this advice from A and E. Simply cold water treatment.ie iced bowl of water or a large bag of frozen peas.good luck hon!

sounds like athletes foot, give those footsies some air baby!
Remove shoes wash feet dry feet with towel, leave shoes off for at least a couple of hours.

Fly, little kitty, Fly
u cud have just pulled a muscle there, y dont u go c a doctor?

Well I'm not an expert or nething but I have always been told when something is inflammed and hot it is usually due to infection. This hapened to my finger before, I must have done something to it which I don't remember but I needed antibiotics to fight the infection. Unless you've just been on them alot and they are in need of rest and maybe a foot spa or just a bowl full of water. Does it actually hurt? If it is causing discomfort go see the doctor or if it is really worrying you ring the NHS line. Sorry if this sounds like obvious info you already know but I can't really tell without more info or seeing it. Hope it helps in someway.

I would go to the doctors and get it checked out! It could be a number of things but my main worry is dvt or an infection of some description.... Have you had a knock or injury to that area recently? if so it might be a bad bruise but with it feeling like burning i would seriously go and see a doctor....... all the best.:)

Rex B
There is a nerve there that can become inflamed. Take Advil and rest the foot for a day and see if it improves. If not, see a Doctor.

Dr Frank
This sounds like some form of sensory disturbance suggesting a neuropathic problem. Diabetes, B12 deficiency and conditions like MS are among the possibilities. Go see your GP for investigation.

athletes foot maybe

have a look at this link,this might be a possible cause.

this could be a sign of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) does your calf also feel hot or do you sometimes feel pain behind your leg? what kind of work do you do? standing for long periods of time predispose to DVT. seek medical help before any complications arise

u cud have an infection under the skin my daughter had it on a patch on her arm , see a Doctor they will give u anti biotics

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