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Stabbed with lead pencil?
i was accidently stabbed with a lead pencil yesterday, and now i have a tiny hole in my palm..
will i get poisoned??

Mohamed K
Pencils aren't made of lead anyway. The "lead" is actually graphite.

no, youll be fine. I have some stuck in my arm from a few years ago and its been fine.

The Kellster
No. Pencils aren't made of lead anyway. The "lead" is actually graphite.

No. Lead pencils are not what they seem. Lead was phased out long ago. "Lead" pencils are actually made of graphite. Graphite is harmless. Now, if you have an open wound you ought to keep it covered and clean to prevent infection, but if you develop an infection it has nothing to do with the pencil and everything to do with infectious material entering the wound.

No I got one in my foot from childhood and never no problem.

They're not lead anymore. They're graphite. I've got a chunk in my leg from a pencil/pole incident that occurred in 1985. I'm still OK.

R u sure it was lead? Most pencils are now made with graphite.

I have one in my leg from 3rd grade poking a hole in my jeans with my pencil and opps the lead broke off. I am now 38 and have never had an issue except I still have a grey "dot" on my leg! So don't fret about it you will be fine!

Stop worrying. You were NOT stabbed by a lead pencil.

Inaya G
no.. pencil lead is called lead... its actually graphite........ not lead.

o god............................you poor soul.

Russell F
no...they do not use the metal lead anymore in pencils. they are made of a mixture of graphite (a form of carbon) and clay baked in ovens so no your are not going to get lead poisoning but you are at risk for tetanus, staph, and other opportunistic microbial lifeforms so be sure to clean the wound well and use neosporin ointment which is antibacterial and antibiotic.

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