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Sometimes my vision goes dark in one eye like half my eye was covered with a black sheet.?
It usually doesn't last long and I feel fine. What could cause this?

There could be many things wrong here depending on your age. You need to be seen by a doctor. You could be having a type of migraine, eye problems, indications of stroke, diabetes, and so many other things. Seek out a doctor

Well i'd say it's a disease, but i'm not sure.
I'd say, are you taking any medications..drugs?

Maybe a migraine could give you impaired temporary loss of vision.

Goto The Doctor, See the problem..

heres a website..just incase..

Check out this website

something like that happen to a guy I know,,,,
you need to go to a Dr. ASAP I wont say what was wrong with his eye ,,, you will get freaked out...but go to the Dr asap

Papa Joe
If you can see this, GO GET YOUR EYES CHECKED, You get one set, dont mess around. It could be neurological as well.

See an eye doctor and get an inspection ASAP. This could be serious.

nancy o
you should go to a eye doctor,
sounds like lack of vitamins

Please don't take advice seriously online. I would definitely call your eye doctor immediately.

Could be very serious. Can be caused by blockage in your Carotid Artary, which is very serious if that is the cause. There may be other reasons too. See a doctor and tell him the symptoms right away.

You need to see an opthamologist, an eye doctor. Not an optician.

Lisa E
No one can really diagnose such a thing from here, but you really need to get checked. It could be anything ranging from a blood clot to macular degeneration, to a nervous condition or potential stroke. There are a zillion possibilities. Please do make an appointment. You only have two eyes and a stroke can affect the rest of your life. Better safe than sorry.

Get to a Dr. quickly. Maybe Brain malfunction.

Go to the eye doctor, quickly!

That's a definite question for an ophthalmologist.

Answer number one could be right- I have a relative who got knocked in the eye with a racquet ball which detached his retina and caused that sort of problem until he went fully blind in the injured eye.

You are at risk of having a stroke. Call your doctor.
The next time that happens get your butt to the ER!

ACK! You need to see an eye doctor immediately.

Water Monkey
Go to the doctor, it sounds like your retina is distached.

Before getting our opinion, why not tell us what your eye doctor said when you went for a checkup.

You *did* get a checkup, right?

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