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Should you take a shower if you have the cold?
my mum says that i shouldnt take a shower and wash my hair when i have the cold. is this true and why is this?

yet another silly question

no, because i don't wanna die while am still enjoying lyf.xx

your supposed to take a shower.
duh..its Hygiene.
but just dry urself off afterwards

i dont think its a good idea to have your hair wet keep your head warm dont loose body heat- i think thats the idea

take a nice warm shower

The cold is a virus and as such is not really harmed by you being wet - its a bit of an old wives tale. However, if you really don't look after yourself, the cold can 'go into your chest' as the virus weakens your immune system and allows a bacterial infection in. A warm shower would probably make a cold sufferer feel a damn sight better!

No i think you should take a shower, because otherwise you would smell pretty bad. haha.
taking a shower will make you feel better and refreshed

James M
They say don't go OUT in the cold with a WET head if you have a cold. That is why.
My mom always said the same thing but I think you CAN if you DRY with a BLOW DRYER
Take a shower but dry your hair thoroughly with a dryer and dry yourself off as well.
"Thoroughly, before comeing out of the shower.

Actually it is GOOD for you to soak the mole.

Benjamin G
no, i disagree. I was told and have experienced that you get better if you have a shower (as long as its a warm shower), it will relieve the cold within a couple of days.

kiko kool
i think it doesnt really matter

Day Tripper
No, but be sure to dry your hair properly, especially before you go outside as you may get chilled!

No, take a shower, it will clear your sinuses. Then just towel off and you can do whatever you want after that.

proud nerd
A lowered body temperature suppresses your immune system slightly, which means if you are exposed to an illness you are slightly more likely to catch it. (It doesn't cause a cold, as many people will tell you). However, if you already have a cold, it won't make much difference. I would suggest keeping the bathroom door closed until you're fully dressed so the heat stays in - but honestly, even that won't matter a whole lot.

hell yea
a warmmmmmm hotttt showerrr
with like steam hot water
but wen u get out rap urself ina towel quick and get changed andinto ur robe or warm cloths (put them on the heater if u like)

It might clear your head or it might give you a worse cold!!

Get Better Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

taxed till i die,
Wont do you any harm.

showers are great when your sick, but I would sit down incase you fall down! its better than a bath because you might pass out in the bath from the heat, but sitting in the shower is good and it makes ya feel better.....especially if you are stuffed up because the steam acts as a humidifyer and you will breath better after!

i was told i should
it really helps me

there's no reason not to but i would suggest a hot bath it will be more relaxing

doesn't seem right to sit around dirty AND sick.......now go shower.

Lucy Babes :)
ive had my cold for 3 weeks now, cant imagine what i would smell like if i didnt shower.
Hahaha, :)

Taking a shower can really clear out your sinuses cuz of the steam and make you feel a lot better.

That is absolute nonsense. It is an old wives' tale and you will feel better and fresher if you have a shower.

Actually, taking a hot, steamy shower can really help you feel better by clearing the sinuses. Blow dry your hair after in the steamy room, put on a robe and get back in bed.

Wray G
take a hot shower, but as soon as you get out bundle up. the shower will relax you and clear your chest.

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