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Should one be worried with cholesterol of 450? and blood suger of 500?
what is most effective medicine for reducing suger levels?

Laura J
HDL cholesterol is an anti inflammatory hormone, so something is inflamed, maybe an organ or arteries.

Normal blood sugar is about 85. About 200 is pushing it and 500 is almost coma time.

After you see your doctor, which is the first thing you should do... You may learn about how to get your body back in balance.

Message me, as I need to know what this person is eating every day and so on...

Steve F
Yes, that would be a huge risk for heart attack, stroke, renal trouble. See a doctor right away. As far as reducing blood glucose, diet exercise and meds together are what is best. Don't play around with that.

my grandmother is diabetic and i think you need to go to a doctor for a sugar of 500.you maybe diabetic.
i am not sure about cholesterol.

Word Nerd
Is this a joke? If not, go the hospital immediatly. You are apparently an undiagnosed diabetic.

(Because if you are already diagnosed, you should know how to bring down blood sugar levels)

While both are dangerous, one is more immediate. Get you blood glucose level under control, then worry about your cholesterol.

yes you need to get your sugar level under control to every one normal sugar level in an adult is 100-120 up to 170 is ok.

Angela C
Well, if those numbers are true and they are yours, you need help ASAP!!! Only your doctor can tell you what meds you need, this is definetly one of those questions that should not be asked on yahoo answers but rather at a doctors office.Good luck.


i would see a doctor about your levels and they can tell you what you need to do better then people on here

Should one be worried? I'd say so. Don't look here for answers. Speak to your doctor about meds for hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia. Call today.

These are very dangerously high levels. You should see your healthcare provider NOW.

yes! both of those are at fatal levels. diet and exercise are best long-term, but only a doctor can prescribe for an individual. not all meds work the same way with all people.

Diana A
Yeah! Hello! Your cholesterol shouldn't be above 200 and your blood sugar I believe should be like 105 ish. Quit drinking pop, quit eating alot of sugar and get an education because this is a really dumb question.

mary s
One should be hospitalized with numbers like that!

If you are dead serious you should be deathly worried. If you blood sugar is 500 you need to see the doc and get into the hospital to get it down ASAP. Your levels are dangerously high so go to the emergency room right now if your post is not a joke.

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