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Peeing a lot?
I am pretty much always thirsty so I'm constantly drinking water which means I also pee constantly... I don't know if I'm thirsty cause I'm peeing so much or peeing because I'm drinking so much...

I've had tests for diabetes three times and I don't have it, so what else could be causing my thirst/peeing?
Additional Details
I'm not drinking because its summer.

I've had really excessive thirst/urination for quite a few months now and its really interfering with my normal life and social life, I can't go to the cinema with friends for example as I have to go to the toilet every so often, its hard to go food shopping as I have to use the toilet while I'm there, etc.

I've also had an increase in appetite (but not excesively so), am feeling more tired than usual and get blurry or tired eyes quite often.

I thought these were all signs of diabetes, which was worrying me as family members have it but the tests showed I didn't have it

Gwen H
Yur peeing bc you drink alot. I do it all the time

Kim k
I see your username is "tea drinker". If you drink a lot of tea you need to be aware that it is a diaretic. That would be the cause of your excessive urination.
Then as everyone has mentioned, the heat. If your climate is very hot you will be sweating a lot causing you to dehydrate and be thirsty.
Do you eat a lot of salt? that can also make you drink lots of water.
If I can think of anything else I'll edit this. There's is one more thing tickling at my mempry that I can't quite remember.

Hypokylemia, that's it! Not enough potassium in your blood can cause youto be very thirsty. Try eating at leat one banana everyday and take a multi mineral complex. Also a minor infection can make you very thirsty, if you're having any symptoms that might indicate any type of infection see your doctor.

are you on ANY kind of medication? Most medications can cause you to have a dry mouth, and consuming water is a great way to keep hydrated, but too much consumption of water isnt good either. Have you had your urine tested for a UTI>?

whats the climate like where you are, maybe that is why... hmmmmm

i am always thirsty too!
ITS LIKE.. if i dont drink something..i feellike crap.

i have to have a drink all day...which causes a lot of urinating..
ive been tested for diabetes too.
i dont have diabetes..
but i do take adderall xr. that causes thirst.

do you take any meds?..
if you do.
it could be the meds causing it.

agreed. you must be fine.

Freedom! Forever!
You may have a small bladder and need bladder enlargement surgery. I got it done and my pee now comes once a year and has a silvery, magical glisten!

well idk about the thirst
but the peeing
could be from overactive bladder problems

Your peeing cuz you drink so much water....thats the way it works. Stress or anxiety can also cause you to pee alot

When you drink alot, you pee alot. Plus it's summer.

when you gain weight, you tend to pee alot, also stress so try to relax.. you'll be fine..good luck =]

Well, I see your name is Tea Drinker. Do you drink caffeinated tea? Caffeine is a diuretic. Diuretics make you pee and can actually keep you from being properly hydrated which can in turn make you more thirsty. If you are drinking lots of caffeinated tea you will certainly have to pee a lot. Try more water, less caffeine and see what happens. Good luck.

Something is surly causing you to be so thirsty its time for a long talk with your doctor he needs to look further.There is a problem called dry mouth or you could have a kidney/bladder infection. Do you eat a lot of salty foods or drinks?What goes in has to come out but why do you require so much drinking is the question.If your doctor does not do more testing find another who will take you serious. Do you take any otc drugs for allergies or etc?Drugs and some vitamins can make you pee alot also. What test did they do to look for diabetes? Some test are more accuret then others make them dig don't settle for some stupid answer.Your body and you only get one so must get pushy sometimes. Try chewing some gum to help with the thirst.Good luck and keep trying.

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