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Occationally after coughing I see stars. Those little bright lights that float around. What causes those?

A temporary drop in blood pressure would cause you to see stars after a hard cough or sneeze.... the drop in blood pressure causes a little lack of oxygen to the brain. It's not anything to worry with unless it is affecting your day to day life.

to be honest it is caused from 1. lack of oxygen to the brain
2. presser from coughing puts presser on the back of your eyes and ears ....

Wow so many responses, and all incorrect, I'm fairly certain.

It's been years since my opthalmology rotation (I was a sick good student) but almost certain it's due to reflexions off red blood cells.

They are thrust through slightly expanding blood vessels over the surface of the retina, due to sudden changes in intra-ocular pressure. The reason you see them then, and not always is due intra-cerebral pressure changes that alter the distance the blood vessels sit on the retina (micro-meters.. less?) thus changing their otherwise optimised (read evolution) distance when their unobservable. If it happens rarely (clean the bong, man, get good weed), it's not a problem.

Floaters, or "fixed" stars, occur when actual cells escape these vessels, and are "walled off" in place. This can be from trauma, bad hypertension... vascular disease... and would obviate a trip to the ER, fast.

It's caused by a lack of oxygen getting to the brain. Try, when you cough, to breath deeply in through your nose (not your mouth) to insure enough oxygen is getting into your system.

T-Pow Frizz Girl
I think when you cough the signal goes through your brain and to your nerves and that's how it makes you see stars in your vision.

i get bouts of this too!

When you cough you screw up your face. this is caused by the tightening of all the muscles in the neck and face. That means all the nerves are squeezed. As the back of the eye is full of nerve endings, the shock of the sudden muscular contraction will affect the nerve endings, stimulating them. The result is the points of light, which your brain interprets as "stars".
The same cough will also probably briefly affect your hearing.

Crystal Meth ?

Okay, okay, it is due to the sudden expelling of oxygen, and the carbon dioxide causing momentary wooziness until you balance out the oxygen level in your blood.

If this occurs when you stand up suddenly from bending over, etc. - it is a drop in blood pressure...

That happens to me to after I cough really hard. I think its because of presure to your head.

beauty queen
this is not common i think u should see a doctor

I dont know- I think maybe blood pressure- sometimes when I shave my legs in the shower and stand back up fast that happens- it scares me ! I am a thinkin it is related to that! bye

You need to see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist (an eye medical doctor). It sounds like floaters. Either one of these professionals can answer your question and reassure you.

I need to answer this just to post a sympatico response to your question, or more accurately, your condition. I've been coughing for over a month now because of the nasty 2006 strain of the flu virus (the cough is just incredible) and the phenomenon you describe in your query is exactly the same as what I am frequently getting when I go into one of my "death rattle" coughing fits.

I'm sorry I can't specifically answer your question as to what it is we're actually seeing and why, though I do think it's related to the "seeing stars" image we have when taking a blow to the head. It seems like some sort internally visual shock to the system triggered by a sudden, very jarring and jolting movement of the head. It's an amazing sensation and do I hope we can get a doctor or someone with a good anatomical/biological background to answer this more fully.

that pot you smoked a while ago

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