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No bowel movements in 5 days - Help!?
I have not had a bowel movement in 5 days, Is this cause for concern?

I think so.

I would think so! Of course, a laxative is in order but try to find one that doesn't cause cramping. If this is a constant problem for you, you should probably use a stool softener every few days or increase your fiber intake so this doesn't happen again.

The mom
Unless you also haven't eaten during the same five days, yes. You need a mild laxative and stool softener for starters, to hopefully get things moving along. Something like Ducolox and Milk of Magnesia. At the same time you need to drink a good quart of water over the day. If that doesn't help things, then you'd need a harsher laxative, in the lines of Exlax or such. And if that doesn't work, you are in line for an enema. If you don't get moving along, the stool can become so hard it can't move, impacted is the proper term. The impaction has to be removed MANUALLY. Not pleasant, for you or the person doing it. When you finally get things straightened out, you need to adjust your diet to keep things moving along. While constipation itself isn't life threatening as a rule, it does set you up for some rather unpleasant conditions. Hemorrhoids, irritable bowel, and colon cancer being among them. Stool is the bodys trash. Would you leave trash sit in your home for a week without taking it out? Think that would be a healthy situation? Neither is constipation. So yes, be concerned. And do something about it.

april marie
yes, not going could cause a lot of medical problems. take a laxative and try to stay on fiber to keep regular

drea D
get some fiber in your diet!!

jack y
Drink a big swallow of mineral oil now! If nothing happens in 8 hours,Drink another gulp,It will break it loose!

its probably just constipation! happens to everyone, try mineral oil. but this is crucial: dont take too much or you will NOT be happy, take the EXACT amount they say to take

yes! ur horribly constipated and could become, impacted might be the word. basically, u have to shove nasty pills up your bottom for a while to get the feces out, because your intestines stretch too much and won't be able to get ur feces out by themselves. bad, painful news hon, it happened to me. I suggest that u begin drinking TONS of water, take a laxative, and plan to stay home for a few hours. if u get worse, u might want to go to the ER, in a few days

It could be but first try prune juice it will help you to go.If it doesn,t then i would be concerned then go to your doctor.

Add Flaxseed to your food, plus drink plenty of water to flush out the bowels and eat plenty of fruit to your diet.

Yes, it is. If you feel ill then I'd see a doctor ASAP. It could be something really simple or it could be potentially more serious such as a blockage or other cause. After 3 days I would have suggested an enema but now that it's been 5 I'd say you probably need to see a doctor right away. Are you taking pain killers or anything that can bind you up? Have you tried prunes or prune juice? (dehydrated prunes in the fridge are actually quite yummy! 3-4 of them could really unstop you!)

apple jiuce,prune juice,ex lax,there is this new med lax called miralax u can buy it over the counter and u fill the lid to the rim it is a white powder substance and mix it with anything liquid once a day has no taste it does work i have to eat it every morning because i have what is called transverse myelitis and it locks my bowels up,so good luck hope the best i know how u r feeling right now

woolly worm

For now you need to eat or drink 2tbl spoons of cayenne pepper. I usually dissolve the powder that I get from a grocery store in 8oz of beef or veggie broth (warm) I also add lemon juice for extra flavor and I chug it down. You will have to go to the bathroom in a few hours or by morning after waking up. It will be spicy and hot but it gets the bowel moving. This works! If it is an ongoing problem try a product I can't live without called Intestinal Formula # 1 from Herbdoc.com. It sounds like it is time for you to do a Bowel Detox and you can find one at that website too. Trust me your gonna want to do this, I did and I have never felt better in my life.

Prune juice will set you FREE.

Stan W
Oh yes it is.

Go to the ER today - your intestines are expanding and need you to get them cleared.

It would be safe to say then that you are definately full of sh*t ...
Organise yourself a bunch of prunes and get them into ya as quick as you can - 5 days with no evacuation is definately a cause for concern. If the prunes dont work see a doctor ASAP.

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