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 Looking for help with alternative to meds for adhd 3 year old?
My 3 year old son is Very energetic! Not only that but we have been having a lot of behavior problems. If you would have asked me a year ago what i thought of adhd in a young child I would have said ...

 Why cant I sweat?
I never sweat. I get really hot and feel like I'm gonna get really sick and its scary but I never sweat. I can't stay in the heat because my body doesnt sweat to cool me down. Is there a ...

 Is it ok to drink blood?
My gf wants to bite me and drink my blood(i don't know...) so im wondering if she can get some kind of disease like this? and would i be find besides the wound?...

 Can a baby's bones break if there is no type of injury or accident?
My niece's baby has a broken rib and she does not know how it happen. And she could be in alot of trouble if there is not a medical explanation if any, for ...

 Ok, I asked you all a question about a spider bite. I went to E.R. all the Dr. did was ask me out. Not funny?

 Should I start medications for ADHD?
I;ve known for years that I have ADHD. Ive taken self tests online and in books etc, and have scored almost off the chart. Although I do have symptoms, I do not feel my life is too negatively ...

 Should i be worried?
Have have very lumpy breasts, i am due to visit the hospital in 2 weeks so i am doing somethng about it, i would just like to know if anyone has had anything similar. so they are very lumpy in ...

 How do you cure an infected toe or finger?
I have and infected toe from cutting the corner of my nail and its now gotton to the point where like the whole top of my toe is pretty bad. I soak it in hot soapy watter for 15 min every day that i ...

 How can you handle dark circles under your eyes?
How can you handle dark circles under your eyes?

Help please!!
Thank ...

 How common is gall bladder surgery?

 Do you think it hurts way bad to get stabbed in the heart by a stingray?
Why or why not?...

 Which cure first?
Would you rather see a cure to all STDS, Cancer, or Mental Diseases First? You can only pick one....

 It seems as if evertime i think i see what im thinking its weird i dont undertsand whats happening?
i dont understand whats happening to me could u give me a sense of ...

 Whats the stuff you see cops wipe under there noses in mortuaries or crime scenes to get rid of the smell?

 My throat feels funny after shouting. What can I do about it.?
I shouted at a cyclist who was about to run me over, and this happened about a month ago. I screamed very loudly and for a while. It did the trick, and I did not get run over 'cos he heard me. ...

 Whats happening with my mom?
to start with, my mom looks as if she was 8-months pregnant. her stomach has been growing since she gave birth to me, meaning her stomach's been growing for 19 years.

she gets LBM ...

 His eyes change colour when he's angry!!!?
My boyfriend (of black blood fame), has the most beutiful sea-blue/green eyes, but when he gets angry (which is quite often unfortunately) they cloud over & go almost ice-crystal-blue, normally ...

 Whats HIV?
can sombody tell ...

 My mother had a stroke, she can say hi Casey when I ask her to say hi Casey, will her personality recover?
It seems like nobody's home so-to-...

 My son is complaining of hearing "screaming in his head". Does anyone know what causes this & how to stop it?
A few nights ago my son was sleepwalking (a pretty common occurance for him) and he started shaking his head and holding it with his hands. When I asked what was wrong he told me there was screaming ...

My wrist hurts so bad!! What's this disease called?
It's different from arthritis. It's called something cartiladge syndrome. My mom says it's from "too much computer".

carpool tunnel syndrome its from driving in the carpool lanes that are in tunnels.

Carpal tunnel syndrome. Yes it does hurt. Do your fingers go numb when you are holding something or driving? And it will only get worse if you don't stop doing what ever it is that is causing you to strain your wrist. Or like mine, I didn't know what caused it.
I had surgery and its gone so far. Sometimes the nerve has to be cut in the tunnel that goes through your wrist. I think there is also swelling inside the tunnel.
It's very simple and fast. Mine got so bad that my whole arm was asleep when I woke up in the morning and it would take quite some time before I gained complete circulation.
Look it up on Web MD.

Maybe you should have it looked at by a doctor. It could be carpal tunnel, but I'm not a doctor. If the pain contintues, go see one.

carpol tunnel syndrome

The Answerer-er
carpel tunnel syndrome

autumn wolf
I believe it is called Carpal Tunnel syndrome. My Dad had that done, and had no problems. Just make sure you get a good doctor, and it should go well!


carpel tunnel disease

It could be alot of things, you need to go to your Doctor for the correct Diagnsis it could be Carputunnel or you may have sprained it not knowing that you did..

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, or Repetitive Stress Syndrome - it's from using your hands in a repetitive motion eg typing, too much.

Pookie's mom
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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