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My urine smells like ammonia, what's wrong?
I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I just had a baby 4 weeks ago.

As long as your breath doesn't smell like chlorine bleach, you should be fine!

Scooby T
Did you eat Asparagus recently?

Besides drinking more water, your doctor will probably have yo do a complete blood panel, checking for electrolytes in your blood being out-of-whack.

Urine is an acid.

That probly has a lot to do wiht it
we all have some anmonia smell accasional, even males if soemthing in our digestion isn't right.
After having a baby you probley have some infection or irritation.
That is usually normal. I fit doesn't sto[p call the doctor or check wiht him when you take the baby in
you may be too acidity, and need to drink more water and less other things like tea or soft drinks.

If it is also yellowish then your are so dam* dehydrated it is not even funny. I would recommend that you drink Gatorade because it puts back the fluids but it also stabalizes your electrolytes. If you keep drinking alot of fluids then it should start to go away and your urine should turn clear. Of course since your drinking alot more, you will urinate more often too.

Ammonia is a product of bacterial action on the urea in urine. I think it is quite likely you have cystitis, or bacteria growing in the bladder, and bladder walls. It is common in the post partum time period, and even if you don't have fever, should call the doctor tomorrow morning, tell of your observation (and symptoms if any), and request that you either be seen, or be allowed to have urinalysis, and treatment if required.

Congrats on the little one!

Brian B
Hi PH level, not enough water, it's normal to have a slight smell to it, because your kidney filter out your blood, then it's excreted to the bladdar for disposal, drinking a lot of water will for sure help with it.

Mine was like that too-my doctor said it was because I wasn't drinking enough water!Drink atleast 3 or 4 glasses a day to make it go away even though you're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Drink water. Especially if you are breast feeding. Your body needs to be flushed on a daily basis by drinking water. That's the simplest and most effective way to keep your bladder healthy. If that does not work and you have pain urinating or discomfort in your bladder area, you may have a urinary tract infection and will have to see a doctor. Good Luck!

stop drinking ammonia.

you could be dehyrated or have a urine infection--you should probably contact your doctor.

Are you drinking enough water?
You may have an UTI and should be checked by a Dr. to be on the safe side.

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