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 Im worried, sad ,moody ,no money, trying not to drink, on antibuse, how can any one make me feel better?

 I have mono?
i recently got it on may 14 and the doctor told me i couldnt play any contact sports for like 3 weeks
like i just wanna know what i can do like can i play basketball but like u know just short ...

Linda R
My husband is disabled , and has alot of medical problems i need to stay with him . My question is does ssi pa
I( am unable to work health reasons someone said that I could get paid to take care of my husband, how do I find out inf

hmm... so i should pay for your love?

Joe e
if he is in a wheel chair send him out to public places and file lawsuits under the ADA, you can get rich in one year with about 100 lawsuits.

In some instances it can. It depends on your credentials. Check with the SS office.

Contact the SS office and take advice

yea there are places like that.

The government is not going to pay you to sit at home with your husband even though he needs assistance. Its sad but if they did this for you they would have to do it for others and its a classic example of people taking advantage of the government and ruining things like this situation for people like yourself.

Call your local Social Security office. They will tell you.
You may be be able to get some help.
Good luck.

yes you can but you might make more money doing something else. maybe you can be a care giver to more than just him. maybe some one who lives near by needs you too. wih a few clients it would be like a good job for you. good luck. OOOO look into 'in home health services'

Lettie D
The Social Security Administration can answer that for you.

i believe that is social security. you need to call govt office and find out where they can refer you.

First of all I'm sorry to hear about ur all illnesses but oh yeah the government will help u all in a heart beat.

You can get a tax break if you declare yourself a caretaker. No one pays you though. check with your local tax offic for more infor on how to get the caretaker's tax credit.

Find your local SSI Office and talk to them... My nephew has is disabled and my sister and him get paid from SSI... Call them

yes possible to get paid but not without a major beauracratic involvement. the first step is to call the 800# for ss. check phone book under government, or google it on computer. then tell them about your husbands disability (by the way is he getting disable pay from ss). then ask them how you go about getting paid for taking care of him or whatever you think you are entitled to. if your husband is getting ss disability pay its likely you wont get it too.

Call the SS office

Outside the box
Would you pay me for the answer......You should realy think things out before you type. If you're collecting because you can't work, WHY would the governemnt say you are able to work on your husband and not others or at a job. D'oh

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