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trini chick
My grandmother is 93 yrs old and in hospital and refuses to eat or drink anything. How long can she last with
she fell and fractured her hip and the doctor was suggesting surgery but now is saying she is too weak and they also discovered that she has an atrial fibrillation

at least she has lived a long life <3

rub her all over with soft cheese(cheddar's ok if you cant get soft cheese) then all the traped goodness will seep into her i did this to my gran and we got another week out of her!!!!!

Have you and family ever thought she might be tired and has loss her will to live, try asking her why she will not eat or drink. After all it is her life, so show her some concerns, and tell her how much you love her, it might just help, with her decision on life. Sorry to hear this, but she doesn't have much life left if she doesn't eat or drink, tell her how much you will miss her, and wish she would let the doctors help her. Good luck to you on getting her to listen, and you have my prayers.

may allah have mercy on her
just be by her side, pray...that's all u can do. HE'll do what's best for her
well, i hope she's not in a lot of pain....take care. of her AND of yourself

well if she acutyly wont eat or drink at all she will be dead in a week tops if she is acutly not drinking or eating

They will feed her intravenously until her strength improves. I'm so sorry you guys are going through this with her. Unfortunately that sometimes happens as we age like that. Fractures can be very difficult for someone in their 90's. The more will she has to live, the easier it will go for her, and you guys, too. Keep her talking if possible, and try to keep her attitude upbeat. Talk to her about things she can look forward to.

At that age, they tend to have a "finality" in their heads. At 93, my grandmother used to say that buying green bananas was a bad investment. Cancer took her at 99, and as much as I hated it, I think she was jolly well ready to go.

Robert D
From what I remember, a healthy person can last about 30 days without food or water. Water is the more important item in this case.

sorry. she probably has ten days if she gets fluids.

Not long. We can go without food a lot longer than we can go without water.

She is ready to go. Respect her wish. She has had a long life.

Spend time with her by rubbing lotion on her hands. Chapstick for her lips. Read one of her favorite books to her. Play some of her favorite music. In other words, make her as comfortable as possible.

And remember, its not the end. Its just the beginning...

My uncle at 99 did the same thing.He had no particular reason to go on, so he just stopped eating. It took a week or so for him to die. The hospital gave him liquids and pain management meds only. His time had come and he chose the way he would go. I really admire him for that. Whose life is it anyway? The medical profession should have no choice but to allow people to die who wish to. Ultimately there is only one person to consider in this matter and that is the one individual affected.


the normal human body can live 3 days without sustenance i know the feeling you are going through my grandma just got out of the hospital. prayer is a great stress reliever and helps to beat the odds !!!!!!!! hope your situation turns out good!

then she is trying to tell you to let her go home and don't make her stay here in this world

Kristi T
They can feed her and keep her hydrated through her iv but the prognosis doesn't sound good. I'm am very sorry.

Not Guilty!
It varies from person to person, My uncle died this year (same scenario). He lasted for about 1 1/2 months.

He was 82 and did have an I.V. Without an I.V. I would say she has only days.

Are they putting fluids through an IV in her? If not she will not last but like 3-4 days if that without water.

We get a
lot of patients that refuse to eat
If she is running an IV or and NG tube (which goes in the nose or direct to the stomach) and getting parenteral nutrition she will last forever
If she's in the hospital and fractured her hip she's most likely on an IV.
Look on the IV pole or ask the nurse. If there is a bag of water looking stuff hanging, she's fine for hydration
Nutrition is either brown, in a plastic bottle, or yellow like gatorade in a bag
I'm very sorry to hear this, but I see a lot of patients every day that turn around from this and come back

donna d
about 2 weeks i would say they will start feeding her intravenously if they have to.but you want to follow your grandmothers wishes it's so hard my thought are with you.

My Grandma went through the same stuff. My suggestion is find someone in your family who can convince her to eat. If you do, there's a much higher chance that she'll last longer than otherwise.

Iris R
No long if she does not get water.

Your grandmother has a choice..if she refuses to eat or drink at 93 that is her decission.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you. She lived a long life.

I read up on atrial fibrillation..sounds like a lot, for an older person to endure sugery with that condition.

Go Bears!
The doctors should be able to answer these questions. I can't imagine she will last long not eating and drinking though...

not long if they don't put an IV in her, i am really sorry for your loss.

Mrs. Mad Maddy
Well they can feed her through the IV, what are the doctors saying? I am sorry, I know you are worried.

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