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My girl has mono but we dont know how she got it we only kiss each other and dont drink off anyne what are som

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some ways she could got it

she been sleepin around man...sorry...but your inlove wit a hoe

Hi Lex1, One of you are a mono carrier. Have yourself,and girlfriend check out for this.


Lizzy P

Did you know it is called the "kissing DIsease"? It isn't fatal, but that is where it came from. Sorry!

u gave it to her. just be glad its not an std

I think you can get it by being stressed,or even by shaking someones hand who has it and just coughed or something. Any way saliva can get to you , you can catch it. Or she just cheated on you and doesn't have the heart to tell you.

Steve Urkel
lmfao.. are u sure ur the one one she kisses?

hmm..dont know how she got it huh?...well..thats really a mystery....anyone else that you know mysteriously come down with mono?...if there is....hmmm....mystery is solved

puffy puffers
Mono can contract from a virus or bacterial illness. One of the most common one's is strep throat, that can easily turn into mono.

http://familydoctor.org/077.xml. Check out this site. I got Mono as a teenager, and it is actually mostly spread through kissing( saliva). Don't let it get you down though, the mind is the most powerful muscle. If you refuse to be sick, and just eat healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, your girlfriend will be fine. In fact when I was first deagnosed they said it would be something that would always stay in my system, but I refused to accept that, and I haven't suffered from it since then. I am 30. My mim juiced me back to health, lots of beet and carrot juice, salads, just super healthy food while I was sick.
take Care

Mononucleosis is a viral infection causing fevers, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands, especially in the neck. It is usually linked to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), but can also be caused by other organisms such as cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Mononucleosis is often transmitted by saliva. While it is known as "the kissing disease," occurring most often in 15- to 17-year-olds, the infection may occur at any age.

Mono may begin slowly with fatigue, general ill feeling (malaise), headache, and sore throat. The sore throat slowly gets worse, often with swollen tonsils covered with a whitish-yellow covering. The lymph nodes in the neck are frequently swollen and painful.

The symptoms of mono gradually go away on their own over a period of weeks to months.

Mono is often called the kissing disease. She most likley got it from kissing someone. There are also other ways, like drinking from someones soda bottle or eating with a contaminated utensil.

Don't flip on her. keep in mind that mono can stay dormant and/or be asymptomatic for quite some time. She may have gotten it well before she met you. This diagnosis is not necessarily a sign of her infedelity to you.

It's a virus-air born-so someone could have coughed or sneezed on her

My Daughter got Mono when she was 13 from the fountain at school. She never drinks after anyone and she wasn't into kissing boys then.

I got Mono when I was 12, and I wasn't kissing! We think that maybe I got it from the water fountain at school. It is very contagious! I had Mono from 7th grade -9th grade. I was in and out of school. Then 9th- 12th I had relapses all of the time. I would miss 3 months of school at a time.
I am now 34 years old and have Trigeminal Neuralgia, which was caused from me having Mono. I live in chronic pain every day of my life. Mono can lead to really bad illnesses in the future. I had to learn how to use my left arm again. I had severe muscle and nerve damage in my arm from mono. It took a full year, before I could squeeze toothpaste.
I hope your girlfriend heals quickly with no ill effects. Keep an eye on her SPLEEN!

my sister's boyfriend got it too. you can catch mono like a cold. most people are exposed to the mono virus by the age of 35.


this is an excellent site that my sister and her boyfriend used when he had it. there is a simple test to see if you have it, it's a blood test and you can always ask your doctor about mono too. hope this helped a little.

Mono is commonly transmitted through saliva, hence the nickname "kissing disease", but it can also be contracted through coughing, sneezing, or sharing a glass. So your girlfriend may have simply been near someone who coughed or sneezed, and picked up the virus that way.

Clown Knows
Mono can be passed by airborne bacteria, such as a cough or sneeze.

it could be off a glass that wasn't cleaned properly. it could be from a shared toothbrush or really anywhere!

i hope she feels better soon!

Mono is a disease of opportunity. Anybody in a physically stressed or rundown condition can get it. Kissing is the least of the ways one is exposed to it.

I had it my second semester of my freshman year in college. Wiped out the entire semester. I was pretty rundown by then, and not taking very good care of myself, not eating properly and not getting enough sleep. So I got mono.

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