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My blood test results have come back to my doctor and his sectary has read the results to me over the phone?
She told me my cholestoral was 4.9 and that it should be under 4, i always thought if it was under 5 it was ok.Am i not right about this.She also said that i was to limit the alcohol and painkiller intake because of my liver profile result.I only drink 7 or eight cans of beer over a weekend of three nights and i cant remember the last time i had to take painkillers for anything.So can anyone explain to me how i can get a result like this and if it is serious.I suffer with ulcerative coilitis and take medication for this daily but they are not painkillers?

I'm assuming that the cholesterol number is the ratio of total to good. The average is 4.5, so yes, you do want it to be under 4 in order to be better than average. If you're not on pain killers, then you are already limiting use and your alcohol consumption is not excessive. Obviously there is something a little off in your liver profile, though, for her to make these blanket recommendations. You don't say what meds you're on for the colitis. If it's a steroid, that can affect your test results. My advice is to visit your physician's office and get a copy of your test results to keep in a file at home, so you can keep up with any changes. Overall, nothing looks serious from the information you provided. Just try to get more exercise and maybe take an omega 3 supplement to increase your good HDL.

Cindi W
I had a whole bunch of blood work done and I called the doctor's office and had it sent to me. it is your test, you are entitled to see it.
I then made an appointment to go over the results with the doctor.
The reason that you get the test beforehand, is you highlight the abnormal results and ask him what this means.
I've actually had clerks/techs read results over the phone to me. But, that was long before HIPPA rules. Very unethical for her to be discsussing pain meds, alcohol.
When you go to see your doc, casually mention this to him. If he cares, she will be spoken to.

Was the blood test for Azathioprine? Also, did you ask the secretary to read you the results? Secretaries aren't meant to give us the results, just the doctors as they have the medical knowledge to back up the reults which a secretary hasn't got.

When I had tests run my bad cholestoral was 2 and my Dr. said he could not remember the last time he'd seen that low and most reading were between 5 and 10.
Some medications combined with alcohol can really put your liver under stress. The secretary may have made a mistake when she was referring to painkillers. I'd want to hear it from my Dr. though not his secretary so I'd make an appt.

Dee L
I would suggest that you make an appointment to discuss this with your GP as his secretary is not qualified to advise.

Personally I think it is extremely unprofessional for this phone call to have happened in the first place.

However I don't think that it appears too serious as the doctor would have booked an appointment straight away if there was anything really worrying about your results.

You need to see your doctor

First of all, were they reading YOUR blood test results? Maybe they were reading someone else's to you by mistake...
If you are concerned, then by all means, make an appointment with the doctor so that you and the doc can go over these results...
If you sit in the office, then you will have the chance to express any concerns and your doctor can explain everything to you in detail...
You might want to look up the results on the web...that way, you could have a good idea of what is bad or good as far as results...
Sometimes, with lab results....the patient may not be as healthy as some other patients..and all of this should be taken into consideration when explaining the results...
If there are problems with your liver, you might want to ask the doctor to do more extensive tests...
Your best bet would be to talk with the doctor..it's better to be safe than sorry..right?

Go see the doc.......get the results first hand off the man who is paid to tell you and who also interprets the results. The secretary has broken two rules......1...Never ever give out medical history of a patient over the phone......how does she know who you are. ,,,,,and 2. She is not qualified to give an opinion on medical facts..What would you have done had she said you had a cancer ! ! ? ? She has violated the Data Protection Act by giving an unknown person information concerning another person over the phone. The Freedom of Information Act covers this but you have to request it formally, as in a letter...I would be suprised if the secretary is still working for the GP after this.

she really shouldn't have told you this information over the phone, i would suggest you made an appointment with your GP and discuss your results to him/her,

The secretary is not qualified to be giving you any lifestyle advice based on your results. One of the reasons being that you obviously have questions based on what she rather ill-advisedly told you, leaving you worrying.

Speak to your doctor, who will be able to put you in the picture as to what the implications and choices you have relating to your recent tests.

Secretarys are qualified to type and do other office stuff, not to give medical advice, I'd complain as well when you see your doc.

Go back and talk with your GP face to face and ask for these results to be explained to you.
And tell them you don't appreciate the fact that you were told by a receptionist.

Sometimes it is not just one test result but a group of results that indicate a problem. A combination of elevated liver enzymes and cholesterol indicates that you need to not challenge your liver. Even a small amount of alcohol affects the liver. And the common painkiller acetomenophen or Tylenol should NEVER be taken by someone with a compromised liver. This particular painkiller is toxic to the liver. It is contained in many over the counter and prescription drugs and is considered an anti-inflammatory as well as a painkiller.

As far as the "secretary" calling the results - most dr offices don't use secretaries anymore. They use medical assistants that have some medical training.

Also - for lab tests - each lab must establish their own normal range for each test. The normal range can vary depending on the instrumentation and methodology of the test. A 4.9 from one lab might be fine and a 4.9 at another might be elevated.

So - be kind to your liver - limit the alcohol, never drink and take painkillers at the same time, and watch your diet. Prevention is the key for wellness. And see your doctor again for followup tests.

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