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Losing your licence for seizures?
I am trying to set up appointments for a diagnosis for probable seizures, but I am starting to think about the downside of the diagnosis. I don't get tremors or anything. I just get it so that I can't move. It has never happened in the car, but I am worrying about them taking my licence. What do they base that decision on? What do you think the odds are that I will lose mine?

i think so

If you get a seizure that causes you to lose control of your movements, I hope the odds are 100:100. If you are diagnosed with a seizure disorder, you can't drive until it is stable and under control. Each state has its own laws, some say 6 months; some say longer. Your doctor would have to sign a statement saying that your seizures are under control.


It would probably depend on several things including how often you have them and how long they last.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to consider here is the SAFTEY OF YOURSELF AND OTHER DRIVERS if you have periods of time when you cannot move! If these are truly seizures, you will not be able to control when they occur. Also, it may be caused by something more serious than simple seizures and you should see a doctor whether your freedom to drive is effected or not.

Your license might not even be an issue until you know for sure that you are having seizures. If they are severe enough to endanger yourself or others while driving, your doctor might ask you not to drive until they are controlled.

I am surprised you still have your license, Most states require by law that your physician report a health problem that can impede your ability to operate a motor vehicle.
Seizures are one of them, It's for your own welfare and for the protection of other motor vehicle operators.
How would you feel if you had one of those immobility seizures in a crowded parking lot, or by a school when it was letting out.
They usually have a one year period to where you can get your driving privileges restored providing you don't have any reoccurring problems.

Karli P
here in wisconsin you have your license taken away for two years with follow ups with a neurologist every three months. yes, i finally did get my license back and have been seizure free since then. i was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). it's a pain to do all of that but it's worth it. at least you won't have to take public transportation like the bus or a taxi. odds are that you might lose your license, but it's totally worth the effort you put in to keeping yourself healthy and hopefully seizure free. please contact me if you have any questions.

I'm not an expert on this, but my friend's husband had two accidents due to seizures (he said the same thing of "it never happens in the car" until of course it happened in the car twice) at which point they took away his license. As far as I've seen, the DMV does not look at your medical records so unless you have an accident, they will not take away your license.

Please do ask your dr for their professional opinion on the safety of you driving though. Consider the possibility of killing yourself or someone else - it's not a risk worth taking if the Dr tells you it's a real possibility. I say that knowing how hard it is to give up driving. My husband has diminished eyesight and has made the very painful decision not to drive anymore. It's been hard on so many levels (giving up independence, not wanting to have to explain to others, not being able to drive me to the hospital when I was in labor) but it's kept us safe and that is what matters. He does maintain his license (as I said, the DMV doesn't check medical records) though since it's easier than getting a non driving ID.

I'm sorry to hear of your illness and I hope the dr has a good prognosis for you. Be well.

It all depends on where you live because some places you have to go 6months with out having a seizure and others 2years and you also have to have a doctor's letter of some sort saying you can drive. So you might want to look into all of that before something bad happens while your on the road.

I myself have gone over 2 years with out having a seizure and I still have yet to get behind the wheel.

Having a seizure when driving is a disaster, so you are wise to be thinking about this. Most states require your seizures to be controlled by medication if you want to drive. Your doctor is your best friend in this regard.

you must be seizure free for two years before you can drive. A guy here in Australia ignored the doctors advice drove, and wiped out an entire family not long ago. I couldn't live with myself if that happened to me.

Amy N
Do you really think that you should be driving with this condition? I went through this eight years ago after having several seizures due to a difficult childbirth. They did not take my license but if I had driven and caused a wreck by having a seizure then there would be very serious consequences. I was given a clean bill of health after a year and returned to driving normally. The real question is - what is more important, driving or keeping yourself and those around you safe?

I don't know what state you live in, but I don't THINK it makes any difference. I'm pretty sure all the laws are the same. You'll want to make sure. When you go to renew your license, do you remember having to answer the question "Have you had a seizure in the last year?" They ask you that for this very reason. If you check yes, then they will investigate further and find out why. If you had a seizure b/c of a reaction to a medication you took ONE TIME, then they cannot yank your license. But if it's a chronic problem, then yes, unfortunately, your license may be history.....but ONLY until you have been seizure-free for one year. And you can show documentation from your Dr. BUT---for those who choose to LIE on that question and check no they haven't had a seizure in the last year take a HUGE risk of having one behind the wheel. Then the police investigate your record when it's all said and done and you're recovered (hopefully) and go back and SEE that you checked no and then you're toast, so to speak.
Bottom line....be honest up front....and if you haven't been DIAGNOSED with anything, talk with your Dr. and see what exactly it was that you had. Was it actually a seizure, or perhaps a blackout of sorts? Get on medication if necessary and stay seizure-free if seizures are indeed the problem.
Good luck with everything and stay safe and well above all else. I know and understand that your driving privileges are important to you, and in a sense driving is our freedom in America, but wouldn't you rather have to take the bus or hitch a ride for a few months and still be breathing than have a seizure behind the wheel and kill yourself and perhaps your passenger(s) and others on the road?
There is nothing wrong with a diagnosis of seizures or epilepsy or whatever the Dr. finds....you are still your normal, beautiful self. Just take the meds as directed and continue your life as usual.
I myself am an epileptic who has retained my Driver's License all my life with no problem!! I have been seizure-free for YEARS thanks to great medical care and wonderful medication. I am also, however, a Registered Nurse, who knows the flip-side of the story. You do need to be seen and cared for. You need the correct regimen of care and medication for whatever your unique situation is. Right now you are not having convulsions, but you may start having them in the future, and for this reason, you need to maintain close contact with your doctor in order to keep the medication regimen current. This will also affect your driving privileges. If the medication is not working, then you have a seizure, and you cannot HONESTLY answer that question when it comes time to renew your license.
I hope this information has helped you some. The most important thing is get yourself medical treatment. Then worry about driving second. If you have to give up driving for a while, your health is worth it, believe me!!
Good luck with everything.......

Alex D
Seizures? You can't hide that! If your paralyzed for any short period of time that's not good. There's no downside to a check-up. If they heal you you won't have your license confescated. If your having a risk of seizures you could crash.Think it through, dude.

no.#1 Mom
I have Partial simple seizers. I drove for 3 yrs, with a license and my suggestion to you is DO NOT GET A LICENSE OR DRIVE A CAR!! The day I found out was almost too late!
I went grocery shopping with my youngest daughter; when something in my head told me to not leave the parking lot until she was completely fastened. When we left and was on our way home I started having the visions I get before I have a seizure. I tried pulling over before it began, but wasn't able to. When I came too Iwas in the hospital and they had told me I crossed four lanes of road went straight up a hill and crashed right into a tree. The lucky part was my daughter was not injured at all. My license was Definitly taken away, but thing is I didn't care that they took it. Last year my Doctor tol me that 6 months after my surgery I could get my license back. I'm not even going to try I have had 4 seizures since my surgery and I will not risk any life just so I can drive

Its important that you do get a proper diagnosis, especially if you suspect you have epilepsy.

If you are diagnosed as epileptic the people who test you will give you all the information they can, as to the type of epilepsy you have, they will also give you information about driving.

It is my understanding that you have to be seizure free for about 2 years, before getting your licence, but this may vary from state to state.

Those who are lucky enough to have their licence, are supposed to notify their doctor of any epileptic seizure. In which they may find they are restricted from driving for 3-6 months, again this varies state to state.

Diabetics are supposed to notify the DMV of their medical status, are also subject to testing.

While I understand why the powers that be are strict with people with medical conditions that can causes unconsciousness while driving, it can be at times unfair to those who genuinely do the right thing, and take care of their medical condition.

Australia and New Zealand have similar rules and regulations, regarding epileptics and diabetes etc.

Good luck with the testing and licence

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