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Rugby Man
Is tickling a cure for depression?
Would save the NHS a LOT of money, eh?

Nope if a good friend of yours killed himself like one of mine did you wouldn't be so flippant

Arwen the Original.
Sadly not, but it is real annoying.

ha ha!!! nope, think u could b wrong!!

it would depress me 2 get tickled!! i hate it with a passion!!

Craig J
Lol, It would be a very good cure. But I doubt it would work, for the simple reason, When you stop tickling the 'depression' would simply come back.

Laughter is the best medicine and I'll do the tickling for free!

mabey not, but laughter sure is good mental health medicine
laughter releases endorphins and helps balance brain chemistry

That guy over there
I am clinically depressed--chemical imbalance and the whole thing. It doesn't cure me, but it does help alleviate it a LOT.

*♥* donna *♥*
Laughter is a good cure of most things so yes i think a tickle a day should be available to all.

♥Squirts McPuddles♥being naughty
no, but it could help

lulz... possibly! tickling means you laugh, laughing creates endorphins, which is a "feel happy" chemical. People with depression are lacking in feel happy chemicals, so this would give em a boost. dude... i think you gotta breakthrough there!

if you were being tickled i guess it would take your mind off it for the duration.cure,i dont think so.good pass time,why not.

The God of tickling
For some people it can help to alleviate their symptoms. I personally think that it's a useful tool in treating such conditions. It would however be considered treatment not an all out cure. Still it's worth a shot isn't it?

I would say that it wouldn't. As much as I would enjoy tickling, when I am depressed, I wouldn't want anyone tickling me. I'd have to wait until I get out of it to really enjoy it.

It's surprising to read this kind of question. I remember when I used to be penpals with this man who loved tickling like me. He told me that he used to suffer from depression & came up with the idea of using tickling to help cure depression. So, after speaking to his therapist & after a lot of persuassion from the therapist to his doctor, the doctor tickled his feet for about 10 minutes to begin with. The man reported feeling so much happier & stress-free afterwards, so the treatment carried on each day until he felt comfident enough that he was truly cured.

So, I would most definitely say that YES, tickling can indeed be a wonderful cure for depression. I really wish such a treatment truly existed over here in Scotland.

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