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Is there a medical condition that makes you not get drunk, after years of being drunk?
i drink ALOT. I usaully get drunk and pass out. But recently i noticed, i drink and drink and drink and nothing happens. Yesterday i drank 13 beers to see if i could get drunk. Nothing happened. Is there a medical reason? Is my liver shot?
Additional Details
for example. i drink friday night, takes 6-8 beers to be good. Sunday same deal. But last night i drank 13 or more bbers and never got a buzz, drunk, or even slow with my speech. Not a tolerance related issue sinc ei doubt the tolerance spikes that high, and only for that day.

you my fr[ei]nd have a strong liver. if you really wanna get f---d
up i recommend hypnotic mixed with [hennasi]. jeez i wish i was like you. i'd drink everyday. you're like an alcohalic super-man except you don't have any super powers.

I guess you got immuned to alcohol.

Dave the Wiseman
Not sure about that one.
Do you see dead people?

Bad Girl
I don't know, but f*ck.. enjoy it!! From what I've heard (and I also drink a LOT) if you are an alcoholic and drink way too much then slowly but surely you need to drink more and more to feel the same. But if you just suddenly feel like this maybe its something else. I think you should go to a doctor seriously and find out. 'Cause whatever, we don't want you dying on us ok!!??

Yes, it's alcohol intolerance. Also known as alcoholism. You'll get drunk, but need to drink much more to do so.

you will find it in your mind concentration

yeah, i used to drink like 6 -7 bottles a night just to get to sleep. but when there's an occasion for merrymaking like birthdays or what i could drink much more and not feel drunk. maybe it's because of the food you eat before you drink and the activity of the occasion esp. if you're videokeing.

silly colie
its liver cirrhossis .the major caused is from excessive alcohol consumption.its a potentially life-threatening condition.The cirrhossis is the hardening or scarring of the tissue called fibrosis.Its replaces the healthy tissue and preventing it from functioning properly

i think its called, getting used to it since your bloodstream never gets to recover

All I can do with someone as stupid as you is shake my head in wonder.

well whatever the problem is, I would stay away from it. Don't continuously check your tolerance level. You will be slowly poisoning your liver if it isn't already. If you can't stop drinking, seek help immediately

it's not really a medical condition that causes that your body just gets used to a certain amount of alcohol and it will start to need more to get the feeling of being drunk. your liver is probably not shot yet but if you keep up the pace it will be eventually.

your liver is damaged. slow down on the booze and get to a doctor. don't stop drinking without medical supervision. at your point, that could be deadly.

You are quickly on your way to health problems - big ones. Get help soon.

Mate you are a light weight! Your not getting Drunk because your not drinking enough! Try Cider & Lager mixed! this should get you Pis ed! About 15 pints should do the job? Add in a little red Wine to taste! hopefully this should do the job?

this happen when u drink to much. because u drink so much your body get use to it so it takes more and more to get you drunk like if you were to work out regularly it would take more and more to make u get tired. the thing is even thought your body get use to the feeling of being drunk you will still have your reaction slowed down, you wouldn't be able to walk in a straight line but you still won't will drunk.

Like pretty much everyone else said, it could be tolerance.

There's a disease called cirrhoses. It's a disease of the liver where just your normal tissue within gets replaced with fiborous tissue. (Basically inflammation). This generally results from alcohol abuse and a couple other things.

That's not something you want to get as it could be and is life threatening.

Alcohol deghydrogenase is the first enzyme which helps to digest alcohol. As alcohol and some of its breakdown products are toxic, the body will produce more enzyme to deal with the toxins more rapidly. Eventually the toxic effect (i.e. being drunk) will occur less frequently as the body will be processing the alcohol more efficiently.

Just stop drinking for a while and your tolerance will fall. If there's not the alcohol for the enzymes to deal with, your body won't bother to expend the energy making so much of them.

simon d
i think it's called the 'drinking yourself sober syndrome'


Ok well first of all please stop drinking so much, it'll destroy your liver. If you're worried, go to the doctor or search the internet, but maybe your body is just becoming more tolerant of alcohol as you get more used to consuming large amounts of alcohol.

You are brain dead. Get help.

i dont know but he best hing to do is to stay away from it.

yes and yes...your liver is shot & its called alcholism (u r an alchoholic get help!)

Yeah, there's a medical condition called sobriety.

i really don't know.. but you probably drink so much all the time , that you can tolerate even more drinking... best bet is to stop drinking so much because in the long run , it can mess you up badly

Chuck N
No, alcoholism is a progressive disease. Many alcoholics find that they must consume more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.

I strongly recommend that you check out AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Attend a few meetings and listen to people talk. You will find many who have stories very similar to the one above.

built up a tolerance?

You liver may be shot but that's not why you didn't get drunk. I think the medical term is called tolerance.

It is called building up your tolerance. It makes you drink even more than usual until your liver decides to give up on you. Do you have a red nose? Are your eyes yellow? Get yourself into rehab sweetie and start taking a milk thistle supplement for your liver.

Three general steps are involved in treating the alcoholic once the disorder has been diagnosed: intervention, detoxification, and rehabilitation.
Detoxification is the first phase of treatment. Withdrawal from alcohol is done in a controlled, supervised setting in which medications relieve symptoms. Detoxification usually takes 4 to 7 days. Examination for other medical problems is necessary. For example, liver and blood clotting problems are common. A balanced diet with vitamin supplements is important. Complications associated with the acute withdrawal of alcohol may occur, such as delirium tremens (DT's), which could be fatal. Depression or other underlying mood disorders should be evaluated and treated. Often, alcohol abuse develops from efforts to self-treat an illness
Please see the webpages for more details on Alcoholism.

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