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Is there a disorder that somebody has/needs to know everything?
if there is than please tell me

T Leeves
I know someone who is like that -
her condition is known to us as simple lunacy

OCD my friend!

just me :)
yes........it's called being NOSEY

Erikita ♥
Its called Noseyitis

glenda w
In an educated way or nosy way?

Martin Luther King said,

"The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively mal-adjusted."

Good luck, my friend.

sure..dude itz called nosyizm ..lol..or skeptism...or smthing


You have the same backround as me.!!

La morte è bella
obsessive compulsive disorder where everything has to be right, everything they say

The Man
its ocd as i think
but its not nesserly to be a bad thing just tell him/her what he needs to know :P

I dont know waht its called but I think thats the other one I suffer form

I am not too sure, but I know a few people like that and I think it stems from low self-esteem. Having to beat people out and doing things betters than them just to prove to themselves their above the other person. Lack of social skills. They need to do this to make themselves feel better.

Here are some symptoms and their disorders =D

- constant worry of the way things are
- needing to recheck things for reassurance

Superiority Complex
- the need to feel above things and to be correct to mask their own self-worth
[sad, but true =(]

Inferiority Complex
- lack of self-esteem

If they are relatives, they may just want to know what is going on in your life and are very concerned; they don't have whatever that is listed above.

But, if not, then refer to the list.

I'mm arianna. Just love me.
i don't think so..lol.
i think some people just get gifted with that abbility..lol!

buttinsky syndrome

Not really a disorder but just maybe they really want to know why due to curiosity or they are left out and they wanna know everything so that they are not left out, in a kind of way.

Marc G
Why do you ask? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW!

yes and its called being "nosy" which is different from being curious.

People are nosey

No - but there is a disorder called illiteracy where people can't even put together a simple sentence.

No it's just called being nosy. Now if you are talking about a desire to understand everything there is to know and understand like science, chemistry etc, then that would be the result of having a genius IQ.

laura seeks the Kwisatz Haderach
yes there is it's called smart *** know it all syndrome

Answer Fairy
Yes. It's called knowitallitus. It's awful.

Control Freak


Corbyn K
That sounds a bit like a variation of OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
You should go to your doctor and talk to him/her so you can get a proper diagnosis.

Best of luck -Corbyn

That would probably fall under OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder.

j b
Probably nosiness or busybody-itis??

Leo Lion
Nothing wrong with wanting to know as much as you can. In this way, you can unlock the key to wisdom and from there, possibly earn more than working for a living.

Ramon U
There's always those annoying people that need to know everything. I doubt it's a disease

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