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Is there a difference between a drunk and a alcoholic?
I know I'll probaly get some stupid answers, but this is a serious question, alcoholism runs in my family!

They are essentially the same thing, only an "alcoholic" is the technical term for someone who suffers from the disease of alcoholism. A drunk is a more light-hearted term for the same thing.

yes there is a difference unless you are drunk all the time..
being drunk is if youve had to much to drink...
and being alchoholic is when you are addicted to the drink and drunk most of the time, if you are alchohlic you will feel like you need the drink/be drunk to feel normal or good.

i hope this helps


An alchoholic has pretty much mastered drinking, its not a good thing but they are a lot of the time golfers at clubs who sit at the bar all day. Drunks are normally more rowdy than alchoholics are.

Yes I think, an alcoholic I think is someone that drinks alot routinely like 3-4 times a week but has other things like a 40hr week job and more things and a drunk is someone who wants to drink anytime doesent care about life and ends up on the floor surrounded by urine and possibly a bag of cocaine nearby and still wants more beer. So basically I think you can be an alcoholic w/o being exactly a drunk but a drunk is already an alcoholic with serious issues.

Well, alcoholism is an addiction. Alcoholosim begins with being drunk. There might be a difference in the intensity. You are an alcoholic when you are addicted to alcohol, and you are drunk when you had too much of an alcoholic beverage or something like that. That may be the difference, hope I helped : )

a drunk is someone who has drank too much on a particular night an alcoholic is someone who depends on drink xx

light bulb99
just do not do drugs and you'll be good

a drunk goes around drinking beer or other alcohol for the plesure.. but an alcoholic is most likely addicted to alcohol and cannot stopp.. u can say it is a verry serious disease...

no,at least not in my opinion. I guess most drunks prefer the term 'alcoholic' because 'drunk' just sounds like you're getting wasted, where as alcoholic sounds more like a sickness.

If someone gets drunk it doesn't mean that they are an alcoholic, but if this is the result that they repeatedly get from drinking they probably are. Whomever this is, they could be still living in the days that it is all fun and thhat even though they can be a little irresponsible, not a lot happens. What the person should know is that the problems with their drinking will increase until they make the desision to go to AA and work the steps.

one goes to meetings and the other doesn't

Mel C
Drunk-- habitual drinker
Alcoholic -- person that has a dependence or addiction to alcohol

A drunk can be an alcoholic.
But an alcoholic is not necessarily a drunk.

i believe a drunk is somebody who drinks / gets drunk for pleasure and is able to stop. an alcoholic is addicted.

I am an alcoholic and have been sober now for six wonderful years.
I did not WANT a drink I NEEDED a drink.
I decame totally dependent on alcohol.
Good Luck

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