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Is someone who drinks at least a twelve pack of beer a day an alcoholic?
Actually that's on the week nights, the weekends are more because he starts at 11:00 AM. He also seems to get meaner verbally as he drinks.

Yes. But it's not so much the quantity as the fact that it's EVERY day/night.

Let's say he was only drinking 2 beers a day. Every day. Either won't stop or can't stop---that's an alcoholic, too. I knew someone who drank 2 glasses of wine every night. EVERY night. No matter what. If that person was traveling, they would pack bottles of wine in their checked luggage. Even if they were flying to NY or Florida. So afraid they wouldn't be able to get to a store right away and get their wine. That person is an alcoholic.

Yes that is an alcoholic. Unless they are ready to get help and stop drinkning there is not much you can do.

Daniel F


Lynn B
Yes! My father was an alcohoic & he didn't drink that much beer a day. But he still had to go to AA meetings. This person needs to seek help, ASAP!

Army Retired Guy
well suppose it depends on how you define alcoholism. But, your liver will take a tremendous amount of damage and will quit functioning early in life for that person.

Hell yeah. That is not healthy. They need help. I especially hate mean drunks.

Crystal R
yep that spells alchie to me


most likely


no question about it, yes. when it is daily and affects your personality yes.

yes i would say they are a alcoholic


Oh geesh yes!!!! a social drinker is one who drinks just on any social gathering. That is like me. I only drink a few times a year myself. This person needs help...they have a problem.

Al D
I'd say yes.

jay k

Mom of 2 great boys

Definitely..... If one cannot go without alcohol and is dependent on it - their alcoholics.

OMG Yes!

Matt S

if he's done that for more than 2 weeks straight then YES its a daily addiction

on the wagon

I would say yes.

Music Box
definitly. try to see if he can go without it. his reliance is what would define him as an alcoholic.

Yes, and he won't live too old at that rate.

Little Man
Alcoholism, at least what I've learned, isn't about what or how much someone drinks...it's about the need to drink. An alcoholic feels drawn to it... There are alcoholics that only drink one per day and then there are others that drink more than a fish.

I would suggest getting far away from this person, if they don't listen to your concerns...

Oh, yes...

Barry auh2o
No.It's an early death waitiing to happen.

yep...what ya got there is a world-class drunkard.

get the fool some help, and don't let the fool drive. he might hurt somebody who is worthwhile.

Your Favorite Writer
If they deny they have a problem, and would have great difficulty not drinking for any extended period of time (2 days, 1 week, 1 month), yes. If he is hurting those around him, yes. If he needs the alcohol to function and needs it to face relationships and needs it, yes.

A 12 pack of beer a day is expensive, and I think is definitively binge drinking (anything over 5 drinks a day is, if I am not mistaken). No adult should be drinking more than 1 drink a day if they want to be healthy.

I would say that you need to find him help as soon as possible. If he is not ready to help, or becomes abusive when you suggest it, then there is a big problem and is very likely an alcoholic. I have included the website for AA below. Visit it, find a meeting, and go together!

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