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Sam- good medicine laughter. ;)

Donna- *chuckling* :)...

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Is it true that your hair and nails carry on growing after death ?

Some bodily processes do carry on until they run out of nutrients needed, so the hair and nails will grow a bit then stop.

I think so. Your nose and ears never stop growing while you are alive either. If you think about it - old men have usually got a big nose and big ears..

yes it is true, although im not sure for how long

diane m

not at all, the skin rots away giving the illusion that the hair n nails are growing x x

No it doesn't, the skin just shrinks and retracts, so it appears the hair/nails are growing when really there just more visible

NO -- but the skin retracts after death giving the appearance that it has gotten longer.

ive always heard that, but i recently read that no , they used to think so back in the day,but it turns out that of course, ur body shrinks while decomposing. dont remember where i read it, but it was pretty interesting. so it looked like ur hair and nails were growing, but actually ur body shrinks during docomposition,so that makes more sense to me,ur cells die when u do.

Absolutely not! What happens is that the skin shrinks back, giving the impression that the hair and nails continue to grow.


They only appear to grow because the skin is starting to decay. Skin decays faster than hair and nails.

Not true about the nails - when the body dies, the skin dries out and pulls away from the nails, therefore the nails appear to be longer, but they didn't grow. As far as the hair goes - I wouldn't think it grows after death - that's just urban legend!

Absolutely not true, once someone passes away all the organs do not funtion therefore the nails, hair stops growing.

No the skin rots away thus making the hir and nails look longer

Melissa, That's me!
No that can't be true. Think about it if all of your systems die, and you're not taking in nutrients, how would you grow anything?

no as xplained above u shrink so it seems your hair an' nails hav grown den after dat the hair and nails rot away demselves an' den ur just bones +definetly not growin.
u no its spooky tinkin bout wat hapens to ur body after death.

gary l
its true your nails definetly do ok

Definitely : NO, it's a urban myth. A few days after someone is passed away, the hairs and nails appears longer, because the body dehydrates and the skin retracts!

Its a popular myth. In actual fact, we shrink after death, which gives the impression that our nails and hair grow. Hope you continue not to shrink for a long while and have a happy life :o).

when you die, your body dehydrates and the skin retracts, giving the appearance of the hair and nails growing, but in actuality, they do not.

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