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Is it bad to take ecstacy pills once in a while?
Well obviously, I know its bad, but what damages will it do if I take them like twice a year. I'm young and I probably won't do them after I'm 23 or 24. Now I'm 18 and I only tried it once, and I love the feeling because my life has been horrible for the past 3 years, and when sober I cannot be happy without feeling guilty of some past experiences. Anyways, question is, will it damage my brain or body if I take it sparingly?
Additional Details
well i only take them at raves =)

doing it a few times wont kill you and it wont really harm you to much. I know a few people who are in private colleges, great grades, just all around good people who have smacked 100's of times. I wouldn't recommend making it your day job. But doing it like once a year wont really hurt you

they will literrally put holes in your brain. if i had a kid, i would let him do any drug except E. its extremly bad for you and you get like what? 3 hour peek? if you want to do a drug. make it worth it.

Yes , yes it is. What r u crazy? Its like the most lethal drug, it makes your heartbeat sky-rocket as well as you body temperature it could like kill u.

If u dont believe me do some research.
What kind of question is that anyway?!?
And you shouldnt post this onpublic internet, you could get in big trouble

There are too many risks involved. It's not worth it, even twice a year.

Dennis G
Yes it will do damage.

Dennis G

Honey, that's all the wrong reason to take them!

No It wont hurt you long term if you only have a couple a year.
But the Short Term the one you have to worry about.

A lot of my friends take them weekley,...the amount of problems i've seen...insane. But it's your choice!

It might be easy to talk your self into thinking it is ok to try it once in a while... but you never know when your body will start to say-that you are addicted and make you believe you NEED it more than air. It can happen, just that fast. You can go from having control to loosing control.

Real life has it's ups and down so you have to find a way to get through things and also- learn to enjoy what makes you happy. Let yourself deal with what is on your mind and enjoy life.

It only gets more difficult to deal with reality when you wait...
The best time to deal with any guilt is now. You have the choice and you can do it!
Drugs have an neg. effect on your body-your brain- your liver... your heart. But a huge risk is- when will it become a necessity rather than an escape or by choice. There are people out ther selling their souls for the next fix-they never believed it would get to that point. Something can turn on in your mind- and only turn on-when you are doing the drugs-when you are addicted - it gets worse... how do you deal with coming down- the lows can get lower. It is not knowing. A bigger risk than people want to think about.

Do you think any addict out there wanted to deal with realilty? People find ways to justify things, they find reasons that -to them sound like a good reason to do drugs.
Why risk it all?

Best of luck to you! Hopefully congrats too! (for beating the odds-so far)

i've heard of studies confirming that they do permanent damage to short term memory, even in low concentrations but personally i havent experienced anything like that. however i wouldnt take them to get away from troubles in your life, you could become psychologically dependent on them. sort your life out first!

Yes It Is Bad For You And After 20 Pills Its Been Shown To Create Irreversable Braindamage

Yes it is bad.
It is addictive, and will cause birth defects if you have kids.

if the "monday blues" aren't enough to deter you then you may alreafy need help. seriously google it and sstttoooppp

caramel she devil
Yes that's bad just say no to drugs.Babygirl don't do that to your body drugs are never the answer

I know what u're going through. I'm 22 right now. My mom passed away when I was 16. I took it for the 1st time when I was 17. I loved how it made me feel, too. I did it sparingly also. It's really not a good thing for ur brain cells. Also, there's always a chance of taking a bad pill & u could die from it. I think u should lay off of them. I know it feels good when u're on them, but it's really not safe.I hope that my answer helps u make a good decision... Take care.

What does being young have to do with it? Ecstasy can kill you at any age, you are not Superwoman because you are young. It is a reckless and stupid thing to do at any age. BTW, there is not an age limit on becoming a drug addict.

*Edit--You said "well i only take them at raves =)" --- You don't understand, ALL IT TAKES IS ONE TIME AND YOU ARE DEAD!

~Just 1 good egg~
Oh I dont know...is it bad to jump off a cliff if you only do it when young but not after age 23??

Hiding from your problems does not make them go away.
Go ask your parents to find you a counseler and work things out now before you start making excuses to do harder drugs or worse.

Your dumb.
You should never ever do drugs!

yes. any drug put into your body can harm it.

yes, consistently taking pills is worse. but no drug is EVER good to take.


A lot of the answers here are myths, opinions and fears, not true information. Educate yourself.

It won't burn holes in your brain. It won't cause birth defects. It's not as physically addictive as many other drugs (including caffeine) but can be psychologically so. It does have great potential to negatively affect your mood after the psychoactive effects wear off. It will not - according to some certain medical science testing - permanently affect your brain's chemistry or damage your brain when taken in moderation. The neurotoxicity caused by MDMA is temporary at our current best knowledge. It is physically one of the safest recreational drugs used, much safer than alcohol or nicotine.

Educate yourself.

MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy) is a psychoactive drug that affects the brain by releasing large amounts of the naturally occuring chemical seratonin. It then blocks the reuptake inhibitors, thus the seratonin isn't broken down like normal and remains in the brain. Seratonin is a mood regulator. The more you have swimming around at any given time the happier you will feel. Once your stock of it is depleted your brain will need to produce more. It takes on average about 4 weeks to get the levels back to where they were, so if you take pills any more frequently than this you'll feel the ongoing effects of "coming down" more often and the pills won't have as strong an effect. The less you take them, the better your experience will be when you do.

There has and continues to be numerous studies on MDMA. At this date it has been argued within the scientific community, and indeed I read a text in which the Surgeon General of England stated that there is no conclusive evidence to support the claim that MDMA, in moderate doses, damages or permanently affects the brain. Of course more data and research is being conducted, but after 15 or 20 years there still isn't the evidence to support those people who claim it does harm to you.

The dangers with taking ecstasy are largely to do with impurity. Often pills will be cut or indeed even consist entirely with other ingredients other than MDMA and the "filler" (like all pills, including pharmacuticals, ecstasy has a neutral substance such as chalk or other such substance to bulk up the pill, making it easier to handle and consume). These ingredients are where the harm is largely done. Impure pills will most often contain meth, speed and ketamine, among others. One particularly bad substance is PMA. It is this in particular which has lead to many "ecstasy" deaths which one hears of in the media.

There is no evidence to support myths that ecstasy is sometimes laced with heroin or cocaine. If anyone tells you this, they're either full of sh** or they don't know what they're talking about. A drug dealer would make far more money selling these as they are than cutting pills with them, and in particular the myth with pills containing heroin is untrue as the effective oral dose of heroin is larger than a pill is. Use a pill testing kit, either purchased online or at a club/festival where they have such booths. Not all places will have these.

To summarise, if you are going to take ecstasy, test it before you take it. If the test comes up as being laced with other substances and you still decide to take the pill, do so at your own risk. If it is a good pill containing only MDMA as an active ingredient, you should be quite safe. Remember to do so in moderation, and the less you do it the better. Get a testing kit, talk to your friends and do some research online. These sites are particularly useful:


The best advice anyone can give you is to make an informed decision. Until such time, it's best that you steer clear from drugs. Remember, educate yourself.

Anindya M
yes.it is bad.DO NOT TAKE THEM.QUIT!
all of us who have answered are answering more or less the same,because we are all concerned about you.do not take drugs.quit it.if you can not,contact a drug addiction counsellor.
I repeat,they are definitely bad.

Ruthie S
if you have to ask then your brain is already damage!!!

dude, this one chick took ONE PILL, then she F U C K I N died. no lie.

I was addicted to ecstasy for months, you won't end up just taking it twice a year. Even twice a year will effect you harshly in the long run.

Beau's mom
Yes, it is a very dangerous drug. Please don't do it. You need to get to the reason why you cannot deal with life if you are sober. Deal with life...don't avoid it. You will never grow up or grow out of your need to slip away from reality or self medicate unless you deal with it. For your sake...and the sake of your family, future spouse, future children...ettttcc. please take care of yourself!!!!! NO one else can do that for you...seek couseling now. You are loved.

the thing with E is that you can never really predict your reaction... you can react to it differently every time. You can take it one time and be fine and take the same amount another time and end up dead. If I were you I would stick with a little alcohol if you need to get a buzz.

Lesquisha B
is driving blind fold bad once in awhile? same thing ecstacy is. you're taking a chamce everytime you do it. its up to you if you feel like chancing your life over a couple hours of high. my advice..don't be stupid.

KitzenKatzen Bee
It is bad, don't even start, respect yourself and don't go down that dark path. It is too addictive. It will change you, and make you negative, it robs your body of seratonin and you can feel depressed for weeks afterward. Yuk! Go for a hike instead, exercise, enjoy time with friends or family, anything more positive you could do to make yourself feel better. Grow a garden, volunteer to a cause you believe in.

Depends on the pills you take. You're rolling (no pun intended) the dice with ecstacy because you never know what's in them or who's making them. You could do it for years and be fine or you could do it once and get a bad one (yes, just one!), OD and die. Dangerous waters, be careful!

Robyn H
it will damage it, but unoticably. after ecstasy it kills serrotonin in your brain, but its restored after 3 weeks. some of the receptors (what reads serrotinin) shut down, some stay shut down for a week, a month, a year then start back up again but some might stay shut down forever. giving your brain time to be able to start the receptors is good. so yes taking it only twice a year will be ok. you can even take it up to 5 time a year :)

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