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 How come I didnt hallucinate.?
On the bottle it says if you take too much it causes halluciation.
Additional Details
I took enough of it but I puked most of it out of me....

 HELP !! my legs from the knee down are holding water - ??
they are not swollen out of shape but they are so full they are tight and feel like they may burst, it is hard to move the muscles in my legs or lift them they are so heavy - my doctor said dont ...

 What are the food that can cause HIGH CHOLESTEROL & TRIGLYCERIDE? and what food shall I eat to avoid it?

 What is wrong with me?!?
It's almost like I get the flu or something every night, I get nauseated, high fever, fatigue every night and then it breaks in a heavy sweat in the middle of the night? What could this possibly ...

 My grand son has aspuragus syndrone?
we only found out to day he is nine years old can any one tell me any thing about ...

 How can you tell with somebody is getting too skinny?
Eating disorders and maybe skinny....

 What disease run in your family?
There is stroke, heart problems, and cancer in mine. What do you do to try to stay healthy? I walk every day and take aerobics classes ,and try to eat healthy....

 Found apill in sons pocket wondering what it is it has a 9and a3 on one side and 2268on the other side?

 What is the easy way to die?
I am diying every single day?Every night I sleep and pray I should not wake Up next morning .H...

 I feel thirsty now a days why its happening like this?
Yes i want to know tell me in details....

 Do you do drugs?
Me again. Another part of my survey has to do with drug addicts. If you are or know someone who does please answer the following questions.

When did you start? Why? Did your or the one you ...

 What's the remedy for Stomach Ulcer?

 Why do i keep going dizzy?
Just started this afternoon, it can be when i stand up, walk, stood still, keep going really dizzy like i've been spinning round and round! Otherwise i feel fine and have eaten well, and ...

 URGENT! Its freaking me out.. what is this disease?
Hey. This aunt of mine has gone through a drastic change in her appearance. She must be around 55. She was a beautiful woman. But , since a year, she's lost a LOT of weight. She has these rashes ...

 How do i register disabled i have ankolisingpondolitis and osteo arthritis?

Additional Details
i have been signed off work indefinatly by g.p and am awaiting decision from ...

 If someone is unconscious can they feel the presence of others?
By unconscious I mean bed ridden and unable to communicate in any way due to a stroke........is there still a possibility that this person would know when someone familiar and significant is present, ...

 What is Alzheimer's disease?
I want to know what alzheimer's disease does to your brain and how does it kill you?
Additional Details
I want to know what alzheimer's disease does to your brain and how does ...

 If i'm hit on the head, how hard would it have to be to create minor brain damage?
I know this sounds like a silly question but I was hit pretty hard today on the head around my temporal lobe on the right side. Usually I'd just dismiss the hit, but my the temples near my ...

 Do I have insomnia?
i went to sleep at 10 then i awoke at 12 after that i couldn't go to sleep i started sleep at around 5:50 and i wake up at 7 but when i wake up i feel fine but i want to know if this really is ...

 I was abused as a child could it be causing my health problems now?
I was starved and abused as a young child could it be the cause of health problems i have now?Ihave celiac,anemia,hyated hernia,acid reflux,curved spine,thyroid disease,and excessive liver bile....

Is fluor (in toothpaste) damaging for one's health?

I think it's beneficial in moderation

I don´t thik so, au contraire...

Do you plan on eating vast quantities of it? If not then no.

If you mean floride, not if you don't have too much. If your water authority puts it into the water supply and you use lots of toothpast with it in, it can be. Otherwise no.

Flouride is only harmful if you consume it in large doses....

flourine as with most other chemicals in that group are poisonious to man, you really should avoid it.

I believe NO. There is not enough fluoride in toothpaste and you don't keep it on your teeth long enough to cause any damage. Ask you dentist to explain.

look up the effects of floride, in quantity, over time on the brain and you'll see why the government force so much of it into our diets...

I don`t know about your health but it gives me mouth ulcers!

No fluoride does not damage your health,as long as you don't get too much.Also the water department place puts a bit of fluoride in the water so fluoride isn't bad.Just don't get too much!

in moderation it's fine

Quin S
Only if you swallow it in large amounts.

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