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 My mom has been in a depression for a couple of years now and i dnt know what to do.she needs help now. HELP !
i am a 13 yr old girl with a father & brother with severe bipolar disorder.my mum has never been diagnosed with anything problems.. but over the years my brother, sister ( who once was a drug ...

 EXTREMELY bad stomach pains?
okay.my boyfriend has been complaining about his back hurting for awhile.now he's having like severe terrible stomach pains.i'll wake up to him almost crying in pain.and its making me so ...

 I am a 24 year old female who has been urinating frequently. What does this mean?
I was at work today and had to urinate practically every hour (or less). I have a "small bladder" but it has never been this bad before. It doesn't hurt when I do urniate. I urinate ...

 What causes tarry black stools?
yes a concern because ihave cronic waterery stools and have had poylops in the past iam a 52 yrold female could it fom my ...

 My boyfriend has a bump under the skin by (not on) his anus what is it?
He told me it feels like an ingrown hair bump but I dont think that those are common in that area. the only reason I know it is there because He told me and then he showed me. It is not visible but u ...

 The Early Days of HIV/AIDS.?
I am studying HIV in Health class and I was wondering if you remember anything about the early days or years of the epidemic (1980's-1990's). Especially any personal stories or stories in ...

 What the hell is he doing?
"he" is up all hours of the night, he has perscriptions to oxycotin, morphine, and hydrocodine. i have found it chopped up with a straw next to it. he is obiously snorting pills... but how ...

 6 year old girl with foul smelling urine?
i checked this site http://www.mayoclinic.co and it said foul smelling urine is usually due to an infection of the kidneys or bladder. but i have been smelling this awful ...

 Is this the cold, flu, or more serious?
for six days now i have had a blocked nose, headache, sore throat, dizziness when i stand up. even cough up some blood, but that was only for about 10 min. dont do that now. but i still suffer the ...

 What does it mean to have black bowel movements is this serious problem?

 Sicking up blood..?
i need to know what medical things are linked with vomitting blood in small quantitiies. please help as much as you can . thankyou...
(bulimia is involved)...

 The doctor says that I have a case of cranial-rectal inversion! What IS this, and can I cure it???
It sounds so serious! Somebody help!...

 Sound like Food Poisoning?
I am a 21 year old male who has never to his knowledge suffered from food poisoning... until now?

I was on the train from London when about half way I began to feel a bit nauseous. Having ...

 Any tips for beating insomnia?
I know I could Google it but I hope there will be some tried and tested methods from 'real' people

I have moved my medications to the mornings, and has helped a little, I get ...

 Wot would you do?
If you were told by the Centre for Disease Control that the person who sat next to you on the plane had the most drug-resistant form of a potentially fatal disease, knew that he was infected, didn...

 I get a weird sensation then feel like i'm going to pass out??
ok this is hard to explain but.. 3 times in the past 3 weeks i've had a weird sensation where i lose focus and feel dizzy like im gonna pass out.. it hits me and happens really quickly and lasts ...

 Is there anyone else out there with Alice in wonderland syndrome? and have you found a cure? I'm still looking
I have had AIWS since I was 7, and I am ready to do anything to get rid of it. I can not possibly live like this any longer.
Additional Details
Thanks for the responses.. but to clarify,<...

 What causes Adolescent nosebleeds?

 Is cold water hand washing sufficient?
I work with mentally disabled adults and we have no hot water to wash our hands nor do they. I complained to the president but she said they don't want them to burn themselves which I think is ...

 For over 11 years no matter what i eat i always vomit it. not all of it juast mouthfuls, what could it be?
When i was little i always brought up mouthfuls of food, i can always tell when i'm going ot do it, i've never told anyone i've been to embaressed to do it. when ever i tried telling ...

Is There Any Problems That Could Arise From Sleeping on The Floor?
I've always slept best on firm surfaces. During my high school years I slept on a firm couch from Ikea and love it. I hate sleeping in regular, soft beds. Makes my back hurt in the morning and I don't get good rest. No matter how long the sleep, I always appear tired.

For the past year i've slept on this type of bed; soft and springy and I hate it. It has made me lethargic. So I got rid of it a week ago. Now where this Queen Bed once was, Now there are an array of blankets on the floor. It feels so comfortable and I get great rest...but is there any problems that can arise from sleeping on the floor? Like perhaps back problems, though ironically I feel better in the mornings.

Also, if i should note: I dont use pillows. I always sleep on my stomach and wake up on my back. Thanks!

Also. On The Floor when I wake up, I quickly jump out of bed ready to take on the day but on a soft, springy bed it takes me 30minutes to an hour after the alarm rings to get up.


Everyone has their own sleeping preference. It's completely safe and natural. Our ancient ancestors slept on a slab of sheet rock, so, no, no problems will arise.

Nope, no health problems, but if you get older and still do that it may start to harm your back. But its not going to cause damage. Dont worry and enjoy the sleep.

Everybody is right. If you wake up in pain, something wasn't right. If you wake up feeling good, your body has rested properly. You might want to get on of those thin memory foam pads to put on the floor to help preserve your body heat and to help protect the bony prominences of your body like your hips and shoulder blades so they won't hurt or get pressure sores on them. My daughter went to Korea recently and all they sleep on are mats on the floor. So do what feels best when you sleep!!

I can sleep on a floor too but after awhile my bones start hurting.

actually I really havent slept in a bed in about 5 yrs.
on occasion at my girlfriends house or at a hotel but for 5 yrs ive been using a sleeping bag and a comforter with pillows.
I'm 41 now and when I was in my mid 30s I started having back problems...I read that sleeping on the floor is good for your back..and it is!
I am comfortble and my back doesn't kill me like it used too.

eh. sleeping on the floor makes my entire body ache. yea. but heard it was healthy. so if my body aches alot...i am very healthy. O_O

it's good to sleep on the floor because can make your spine keep straight.

longview cycle lady
I alternate between the bed and the floor. 2 or three months straight on the floor, and then 2 or 3 months on the bed.

By the time that 2 or three months of the floor rolls around, by back is hurting me most mornings, and often through the night. At this point, I switch to the bed. The bed is comfortable to my back until 2 or 3 months passes, and then my back begins to hurt again. Then it's back to the floor, which has become comfortable again.

I seldom use pillows either. But sometimes sleeping on a pallette on the floor, my head cries out for one, and I will sleep on one.

Sorry for babbling. Hope this helps, though I'm not quite sure if I've even really answered at all. :-)

If it works for you, and as long as you aren't directly on the floor..where it can get your back cold, then you'll be fine.



No it's healthy!

sleeping on floor is not bad for back problem. Only sometimes you may catch cold from floor. So if you take that prevention then it is fine.

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Something will get flattened out.

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