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Im turning orange help..?
for about 2 weeks now the bottom of my feet, my palms, inbetween my fingers and where my rings are im turning a deep rusty orange,, it comes and goes but never completely gone. have not eaten anything different and my medication hasnt changed,,should i go to a doctor,, i feel nauseated but i feel that way anyhow... dont know what to do..
Additional Details
to everyone who replied to my question i want you all to know i really appreciate everyones advice,, the reason why im turning orange is a reaction to avon's skin-so-soft,,,

Matthew W
Sounds a little odd at your age to have this condition. I would go see a doctor and if you haven't changed medications then there a good indication that maybe you have another condition affecting your skin. Tough to say.

Katie K
Have you been eating allot of carrots or eating anything orange?

Call Me Audrey
Ew. Yes. Don't be stupid and take my advice. Go to the doctor.

Debra B
Do you have hepatitis? It sounds like you are jaundiced--a sign of hepatitis. Are the whites of your eyes white or yellow? Are you itching?

There are many types of hepatitis--some are caused by medication and some are caused by viruses.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of your liver. The yellow color is because bilirubin can't be broken down by your liver.

You need to see a doctor.

Have you been using self-tanning cream? Have you been eating foods high in carotene, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc.? Foods that contain carotene can, honestly, turn your skin orange if consumed in great amounts.

If you haven't been using tanning cream and haven't been eating a lot of orange foods, then I would definitely see a doctor to get to the bottom of this! Good luck!

Im curious to know are you a white person or black etc. It does sound like your not just turning yellow like if you had a liver problem so SEE A DOCTOR!

have u been eating 2 many carrots? there is a thing in carrots that if u eat 2 many u will turn u orange. - brother did it -it's like flamingoes get their color from the fish they eat.

go to medhelp.com and post your questions...i would definitely ask your doctor either way but for some immediate answers they might be able to help...good luck


the only advice worth taking-


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