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Im always thirsty and no matter how much water i drink im still thirsty?
And because I drink so much water I always have to pee. I just went to the doctor a couple months ago and ran blood tests, they said I was healthy. What could be wrong with me?

Nothing,if they said you were healthy.

Kelli P
Maybe you need a second opinion. Extreme thirst is one symptom of Diabetes. Check with another doctor.

You could, simply, just be dehydrated. Try some gatorade or power aid and see if it helps.

On a good note, if nothing is wrong, water is very healthy for you, and your body will love you for drinking it!

Good Luck!


just visiting
a couple of years ago, i had heat stroke while hiking, ever since then i carry h2o with me everywhere i go.

were you struck by lightening? i heard this causes constant thirst as well

i don't see anything wrong drinking a lot of water. doctors says that we need to drink ATLEAST 2 liters of water daily.
But sometimes our daily activities and local weather affects our drinking habit. The more we perspires the more water in our body losses, therefore making ourselves thirsty.

I get like this sometimes; no matter how much you drink, or what you drink,nothing quenches your thirst. Sometimes I'll have an ice lolly. One good tip, sounds bizarre but, brush your teeth. Brush your teeth and especially tongue and mouthwash if you have any. It often works, try it.

have you had your sugar or your thyroid tested ? is there other symptoms such as hair loss , weight gain , insomnia or over sleeping ? sometime stress can do the same thing too . did the docter run a smac ? which is a real good blood work up from cholesterol , sugar , tsh and more

Well obousily U HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

Some people drink ALOT more than usual in the summer, so it could be harmless.
Have you checked your blood sugars? Constant thirst and frequent urination can be signs of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Other symptoms can include constant hunger, blurry vision, sudden, unexplainable weight change, and fatigue. Sometimes, if they aren't looking for it, doctors can miss signs of pre-diabetes in blood tests. Talk to your doctor! Catching it early means you can delay or prevent the onset of diabetes!

Dasa W
maybe you eat too salty food that can cause the problem...

Try another Dr. Sounds like u might have diabetes. My daughter had the same symptoms. Excessive thirst is one definate sign. Also, are u overweight? That does not cause diabetes, but can be a factor

go caps! (:
how long have you had this?? are you young or older?
cause it could be sjrogers syndrome (yeah i watch mystery diagnosis)

have your blood suger tested?

How long is a couple months to you (to me it's two, a friend, it's up to 6...go figure).
Also, how much water are you drinking? too much of a good thing can be deadly.

Were you drinking like this when you had blood tests?
If not:
1. How much salty foods have you been eating?...I drink like a fish when I eat chips and other salty foods. Stop eating the salty foods and see if your thirst backs off...if not....
2.You may need to have your blood sugar tested. Excessive thirst is a sign of high blood sugar, so you will need to see the doc to check this out.

The rest that I can think of, you will need to be ruled out by other tests that your doctor will order, please let your doc know what is going on and how much water you are drinking.

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