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If you water down a urine tox after using meth 2 1/2 days ago are you ok?

don't use meth then you won't have to worry

No, it will still show up. My advice is to stop using meth while it is still your decision. Sooner or later the decision will be made for you. (overdose)

meth takes 72 hours (3 days) to leave your system. Longer if you did a lot.

If you overflow the kidneys the water will pass without being processed by them. in this way the meth will be undectable, most drug screens check the pH of the urine and if you use the overflow method your pH will not be right so they will think you did something wrong and make you test again.

You can also mix your urine with a part toilet water to water down the results. Be careful not to add too much water because of the pH test I told you about.

I've heard it said that if you eat burnt toast the carbon in the bread will make the meth undectable.

It's best to wait the full 3 days to be sure your test is clean.

Yes trace amounts are still detectable, think you should give up on the meth.

Yes, it will still show up in trace amounts, no matter what you do.

yes it will still show up no matter what you do. best just to tell them before that its gonna show up

Destiny's Euphoria
No, it will either be diluted, which is an assumed positive or it will still show. Sorry.

Meth is best detected in urine 2 to 4 days after use.

Watering it down won't get rid of the evidence either. Your urine is almost entirely water to begin with, so think about it. Would adding water get rid of any evidence? No.

And if you're thinking about adding more water to really dilute it down, are you going to be handing over a urine sample in a gallon jug? Like that wouldn't be suspicous.

Maybe your time is better spent trying to kick the habit rather than thinking of ways around a drug test.

1. Stay off meth(adone or ice).
2. No, you will not be ok. The testers will know that it is watered down and you will still test positve.
3. Basically, you are screwed.

" Oz "
You are wastin your time ....you're "cooked" ....."the doggg"

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